Blogging to myself!

Hi everyone.

I recently attended #BloggersBash in London.

Enjoyed it, even though I seemed to develop an instant shyness problem, don’t know what bought that on. Perhaps that’s why I write rather than mingle?

And when the guest speaker (incidentally, Luca was excellent) asked the question, ‘How many of you are on WordPress?’ the answer turned out to be everyone.

Except one.

Little old moi!

I wondered why I wasn’t getting much in the way of feedback. Turns out that I’d been blogging to myself!

I blame myself – my computer knowledge would fit on a very small postage stamp in very large letters. So if this all goes tits up I apologise in advance.

Because, in an effort to put that right here I am – on WordPress.

In fact I also signed up to their short course on Branding and Blogging, to get me started off on the right foot. First element – set 3 goals for my blog. So here goes :-

Step 1. Create a brand for my authorly (is that even a word!) bits. It is already out there on another platform which I’ll keep for now and see how it goes, but my mission statement is (how very corporate of me!) to get Misty Books to grow bigger and better. I won’t put any links on here – yet, I inadvertently broke someones rules the other day and got myself deleted. Oops! It’s that computer knowledge thing again.

misty Here’s my logo – nice isn’t it? This is Misty. She’ll be very pleased to meet you all. Now, she really does like to meet new people – provided you tickle her behind the ear of course.

Step 2. Blog. Because I like it. I hope you will too. My blogs generally take the form of a bit of a rant – because I’m now of that age where much of life winds me up in a Victor Meldrew sort of way and it is best to let off steam now and again, don’t you find?

Step 3. Through my blogs, direct people to my books – after all why have a brand otherwise? There’s only one at the moment and it’s for kids. The next will be out just in time for Xmas – Yippee! But – and I stress – I’ll only harp on about book stuff when something good happens, so don’t panic. Most of the time we’ll be giving some arse a good kicking – and in a round about way it usually ends up being mine!

So, to repeat, here I am on WordPress.

At last!

I’m afraid that you’ll be getting a few weird things on here as I progress through the aforementioned Blogging and Branding course, so please excuse me. Lord knows what they’ll ask me to do next!

Please let me know if you spot me doing anything wrong. I do try to press the right buttons but you know how it is – and don’t even mention the bloody hashtag thing!

I’ll rehash some of my old blogs over the next few days just to give you a flavour. You never know – if you like them you might like to follow me.

Not that I’m desperate or anything, but you will – won’t you?


7 thoughts on “Blogging to myself!

    1. Probably not – I seriously was overcome with major attack of the wobbles as I hadn’t long started blogging & tried as much as possible to hide up a corner.
      I’ll be better this year – promise! 😀


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