Congratulations to Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust for winning a top award offered by the Canal and River Trust for making our nation’s waterways exciting pla14441069_10154606696624850_933092009194229555_nces to live, learn and spend time.

Perhaps the Canal and River Trust would also like to throw it’s weight behind our campaign to keep an environmentally damaging canal side quarry, on former green belt land, out of the centre of Swindon village just a few miles away? You have after all got a sign on the towpath calling it a site of biological importance. It’s the same sign that tells visitors of all the nice cuddly (mostly protected) wildlife in the immediate area

The quarry is proposed for the field, which has dwellings to three sides, just behind this lock. The entrance will be on the (not very wide) High Street, a stone’s throw from the local shops, community centre, church and primary school. But hey – there’s money to be made, what do a few hundred residents matter?


Oh – and it’s on a flood plain! So, that’ll be a big hole full of water then! Honestly, if they weren’t so serious you’d have to laugh!

Are you sure you want to do this, Land and Water Group? Perhaps you’d like to visit the village and explain the ineffectiveness of your environmental policy and we all can discuss the worthlessness of the no doubt re-pulped and re-cycled paper it’s printed on.


Join our Facebook page – Say No To The Quarry

The Canal and River Trust would like to welcome you to Swindon – it says so on their sign, no doubt to live, learn and spend time – not to make mud pies in a waterlogged hole in the ground!


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