Blogling along (JOGLE BLOGLE +20)

Right you lot, pay attention.

Take you hands out of your pockets, tuck your shirt in and you in the corner – stop slouching like that.

I thought that I ought to tell you about the Blogle.

Yes, that’s what this is, glad some of you have been listening at least.

As you know there are only 20 short days until Steve sets off from John O’Groats and heads south (after a bit of fiddling about at the start – see Jogle Blogle +40 days).

All through the journey – a grand total of 65 days – there will be a daily Blogle informing you of progress. Miles traveled, how many sheep he’s seen, number of blisters, that sort of thing. 

I know, exciting stuff indeed.

Now, and far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, during this feat (or should that be feet, ha ha. I make myself laugh sometimes) of endurance, there will be another unsung, unappreciated and dare I say, undervalued marathon taking place.

Really, yes!

Normally I’d be far too modest to mention it, but – stop sniggering – writing a Blogle a day for such a length of time to keep you sorry lot entertained is, for a one fingered typist such as myself, quite a massive undertaking. It will be achieved only by drinking copious amounts of coffee (black, no sugar thank you), clamping my tongue firmly between my lips and squinting myopically at my iPad – other makes of tablet are available.

I’ve even bought a new chair so that I can be chilled as I write. Yes I know that Steve will be suffering for this venture, but quite frankly I don’t see that I should have to as well!

Here’s a piccie of Blogle HQ.


The Blogle is aiming to average somewhere around 250 words, with pictures as available from the Jogler himself thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the availability of a mobile signal from the more remote parts of the adventure.

It will be interesting to see exactly how many different ways there are of saying that my brother is walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End for charity.

I’ll try to shake it up a bit, I promise.


Am I going to make something up if I don’t get word from Steve? 

As if! 

I don’t know how you might think that. Really!?

So I pledge now that if I do happen to miss a Blogle that I’ll chuck ten quid in the kitty to go toward Macmillan Cancer Support for that and any subsequent omissions.

So now you can put your hands back in your pockets, dig deep and donate if you’re in a charitable frame of mind at

I’ll also post a running total so that you can see how far he is from his target of £10,000.

In 10 days time we’ll be presenting the first look at the Jogle shirt. (I’ve seen it already – it’s very impressive, with all those corporate sponsors emblazoned across the front and back). See you then.

Over and out. 


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