Jogle Blogle – Day 2


So, dramatic news here at Jogle headquarters on Day Two of Steve Robertson and his adventure from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

Remember the blister I told you about yesterday? It’s getting worserer. (Don’t write in, I like new words, o.k.?)

Now I don’t think it was entirely necessary for my brother to send me the quite graphic photograph which he’s taken and out of deference to your tender sensibilities, dear reader I won’t post it here.

Perhaps I should explain its origins. Steve as we know has been training for the Jogle for three years now and prior to that he’s run marathons and the like. So it’s somewhat ironic that this unwelcome abrasion to his foot should reveal itself only a few short days before he set out on his quest. But our brave lad is not about to keel over like a Premier League footballer though. No, he will soldier on south and hope that it pops of its own accord. I’ll keep you updated on the ongoing crisis.

IMG_1393Anyway, yesterday’s leg was from Wick to Latheronwheel.

IMG_1412The weather improved a little on the previous days miserable conditions and with long straight roads of the A99 there was little to occupy the Joglers thoughts other than the deep incessant throbbing pain of the unwelcome attachment to his foot with each interminable step. Perhaps I should suggest that he hops the rest of the way?


IMG_1399He passed Thrumster railway station, home of the shortest train journeys in the world. As you can see from the photo passengers board at one end of the platform and disembark at the other. I should imagine there’s no locomotive there at the moment as the line is closed for electrification or some such thing.

IMG_1409Another landmark was the rather small building which housed the Clan Clunn museum. Our intrepid walker did not visit however in case the clan had any ongoing feud with us Robertson’s. I looked it up, Clunn has several derivations of the name, one of which is Clooney. I messaged Steve, but he hadn’t seen any redundant American actors desperately trying to sell coffee from a lay-by.

IMG_1418And so into Latheronwheel.

Contrary to the road-sign warning there was no ice in evidence. But if it needs a sign it must be a common occurrence, so perhaps he’ll be snowed in when he gets up tomorrow.

For those of you who like to know such things, here are the stats for the journey on Day Two of The Jogle on the 19th. May 2019.

Start time 9:40:22 What!!!? He likes a lie in doesn’t he? Mind you, it was Sunday I suppose, so we’ll let him off,eh?

Finish time 16:09:18 

Duration of walk 5 hours 28 minutes and 1 second.

IMG_1406Yes I know that’s what I thought, there’s a rather big discrepancy between start, finish times and the duration of the walk. Perhaps this picture of his dinner in the Portland Arms at Lybster will go some way to explaining – he’s spending most of his time in the pub!

Anyway, when he did bother to Jogle he took 32946 to do so, which gives a running total (or should I say walking total) of 73526 over the two days so far.

And so loyal Jogle Blogle followers, we’ll catch up with you tomorrow on day 3 of this epic adventure. In the meantime if you’d like to visit Steve’s just giving page to discover the reason behind the Jogle, here’s the link.


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