Jogle Blogle – Day 15

Now here’s a thing. Having had a rest day on Day 14, the Jogler and Jogleress set off again on Day 15 for a very short (by their standards) walk.

IMG_2125IMG_2058Apparently they passed the official start of their Day 15 jaunt on when they whizzed past on Day 13 en route to their digs for the night (I hope you’re keeping up with this dear reader) and considered it to have already been done. They therefore decided that it was not worth retracing their steps for the 5 miles or so that they’d already covered. Not only that but someone in Scotland had already repositioned the original end of the West Highland Way – which incidentally they’re doing the wrong way round, so it’s actually the start – moving it further away from England. Something to do with Mel Gibson painting his face blue probably. 

What’s that madam? 

What am I ‘wittering on about now?’

Well let me explain it like this. Imagine if you will, Usain Bolt jogs on down to the start of his 100 meter Olympic final. He settles down in his blocks and thinks, ‘I know what I’ll do, I’ll practice my start.’ He launches off down the track for 20 metres or so, shouts back to the starter saying, ‘Tell you what man, I’ll start from here, I’ve just done that bit.’ 

Now I’ve checked in the rules and it is technically allowable, let’s face it they have actually walked that bit, just not on the day that they said they would. However I do feel that in the spirit of the Jogle that some kind of forfeit should be meted out – a drive through penalty down the pit lane for instance, or perhaps they could walk the next leg backwards – I’ll have a word and see what can be done about this technical infringement.

Anyway, on with the Jogle.

IMG_2124As mentioned yesterday, the Mini-Jogler, the Jogleressette and the Jogleressette’sfella have now departed. Indeed, here’s a photo of the Jogleressette in a replica of the Model T Ford (the driver has just told her a particularly funny joke) which was driven and pushed up Ben Nevis in the ‘20’s. If they’re going home in that they should be back by Christmas.



The remaining Jogle crew have now been joined by Steve’s old M.D. @NewellPalmer the appropriately named Phil Stepp – no, when I say old I’m not commenting on his age, just his former position, so let’s get that straight. In keeping with Blogle tradition he deserves a moniker for his part in the epic journey, so obviously he’ll be Bossin Thejogle. Makes you wonder who’ll turn up next doesn’t it? There will soon be more people walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End than there will be reading about it.

And so our band left Fort William at last and headed down the Way there to Kinlochleven. So here are the obligatory scenic shots. As you can see the weather was some of Scotland’s moody best.












IMG_2132Today’s wildlife of choice and finally a deer gets into our album.

IMG_2155Past the site of the MacDonald’s chasing the Campbell’s across country following the Battle of Inverlochy. – I don’t know why, perhaps they didn’t pay for their Happy Meal or something.











Bossin Thejogle was put to work snapping pictures along the way.


And then down into Kinlochleven itself.

Stats of the day are, miles 13.2, giving a total of 234.53. Steps 30,124 giving a total of 482,138 in a time of 5 hours 43 minutes and 1 second. They were still quite high in places at an elevation of 1088 feet.

The forecast is bad for tomorrow so join us again then and don’t forget to take a look at Steve’s just giving page for Macmillan Cancer Support at


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