Jogle Blogle – Emergency Interim Report Update

Jogle emergency interim report update.

A statement has been issued from Blogle command headquarters.

At 16:56 on Monday 3rd June 2019, the Crippled Duck made a successful landing in the car park of the Best Western Hotel, Crainlarich, Scotland. 

Due to unforeseen communication problems (for Heavens sake, they knew there was a bloody communication problem – why else were they taking a car full of wi-fi halfway across the country!?) the Jogler could not be contacted. It took 3 hours for the Blogler and the Blogler’s Mate to track him down and eventually he was caught by the Trossachs. 

With the aid of the Jogleress and Bossin Thejogle, the Jogler had the supplies of emergency wi-fi installed. In the absence of any sort of anaesthetic several pints of local ale had to be consumed. The wi-fi was held in place by duct tape and a Black Country flag.

Some test transmissions were made later in the evening and the Blogler was able to report that he had received accounts of days 16 and 17 of the Jogle.

The Jogler was rebooted overnight and sent out to resume his journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End on the morning of 4th June 2019.

At 09:25 the Crippled Duck and gallant crew, fuelled only by a full Scottish breakfast, were relaunched on course back to the Black Country. It is feared that due to the length of the return journey the cockpit of the plucky little vessel could smell as if a haggis with acute gastric problems has exploded. A fitting tribute to the mission perhaps if the wi-fi has been replaced by wiffy!

Normal service on the Blogle will be resumed as soon as possible.

In the meantime check out details of Steve’s charity walk foe Macmillan Cancer Support at

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