Jogle Blogle – Day 16

Alright, alright, alright, that’s quite enough of that, thank you very much! There’s been far too much frivolity on this site of late I’ve noticed. Let’s just get back to the business in hand – Jogling.

If you recall, my brother Steve set out on the 18th. May from John O’Groats in an effort to walk down to Land’s End (a so called JOGLE – they’ve got acronyms for everything these days)  in 65 days. He’s doing it in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, check out his reasons for doing so here at

At Inverness he was joined by wife Sue who accompanied him along the Great Glen Way to Fort William where they met up with kids, Rachael and Michael along with Rachael’s chap, Andy. The appropriately named Jogler, Jogleress, Mini-Jogler, Jogleressette and Jogleressette’sfella then proceeded to climb Ben Nevis – did I not mention, he’s doing the 3 peaks en route as well, mad as a box of frogs I tell you!

After a successful up diddly up up and down diddly down down, the kids left and were replaced by Steve’s former boss Phil, now to be forever known as Bossin Thejogle.

IMG_2180IMG_2182We catch up with them on Day 16 as they set out in foul weather for the trek to Inveroron along the West Highland Way.


Leaving Kinlochleven they pass Ice Factor, one of the top 5 attractions in the highlands. In an aluminium smelting building is housed the biggest ice climbing wall in the world. The former Alcan smelting plant was served by a hydroelectric power system which also meant that every house in the village was connected to electricity, the first village in the world to do so.


Wildlife encounter of the day was with this one antlered stag in the car park of The Kingshouse (lunch was taken),  just across the road from the Glencoe Mountain Resort. 





And some moody shots as the weather eventually started to brighten and the merry band of travellers made their way across Rannoch Moor and along Thomas Telford’s cobbled motorway into Inveroron.

The stats for the day were as follows.

Mileage 18.6, so total now 253.13

Steps 41,439 so again total of 523,577

The walk was 7 hours 17 minutes and 48 seconds at a maximum elevation of 1797 feet


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