Jogle Blogle – Day 17


What was to become a momentous Day 17 of the Jogle started dismally and only got worse as the weather deteriorated rapidly.

Little did the Jogle party know that a rescue mission had been launched from back home in The Black Country following their transmission of the previous night, ‘We’re losing wi-fi…’ Thankfully that weak SOS was picked up back at Blogle HQ, but the Jogler, The Jogleress and Bossin Thejogle were completely unaware that their plight had been recognised, cut off as they were from the outside world with no social media whatsoever! For details of that brave rescue attempt see


The more astute reader may have noticed that we are a few days behind the actual Jogle in this Blogle and that critical wi-fi breakdown can now be revealed as the reason as we attempt to catch up.


Pictures have since been recovered that shows their laborious trek along the West Highland Way in atrocious weather to the evening stopover at Crainlarich. At some point they passed by The Bridge of Orchy Hotel, with its associations to horse racing. This old rusting chassis was not, they hoped, the remains of the Model T Ford on which the Jogleressette had been pictured a few short days earlier. The Green Welly Stop attempted to entice them in with the promise of chainsaw carvings, but wearily they trudged on by.



As you will no doubt recall, Steve Robertson is walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End, see




And this latest leg of the journey took them past the battlefield from The Battle of Dalrigh where Robert the Bruce was defeated by Clan MacDougall in 1306, on by the ruins of St. Fillan’s priory and along by Kirton Meteorological Station where they were not shocked to discover that it was one of the wettest places in Britain.



Finally they staggered exhausted into the local pub and were greeted by the welcome sight of the rescue party.


Find out how the mission to re-supply the Jogle with wi-fi was resolved in tomorrow’s edition of the Jogle Blogle and learn of yet another shocking development.

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