Jogle Blogle – Day 18

Welcome back. I know you’re desperate for news of the Jogle and to find out if the mission to re-supply the Jogler with wi-fi was successful. We can now reveal that the Blogler and the Bloglers Mate did indeed succeed and you can read about that daring sortie into deepest Scotland here

And so in the morning of Tuesday 4th June, Day 18 of my brother’s walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End he set out with companions of wife Sue and former boss Phil Stepp from Crainlarich. 

IMG_2398IMG_2400Past the station and it’s ZZ stop (get it eh? Sort of a play on words thing going on there). And out onto The West Highland Way once again.


On through Beinglas Woods which are once again being actively managed after years of neglect and form part of the largest and least disturbed remnant of ancient forest at the northern tip of Loch Lomond.







Lunch was at Beinglas farm while the rain passed by and the Joglers party emerged into the (for them) unusual sight of sunshine.












Wildlife encounter of the day owes this meeting of man and beast to Robert the Bruce. According to legend as he passed an Act safeguarding them because a herd saved his life by distracting soldiers hunting him as he hid in a nearby cave.


Finally the gallant band made it to Inversnaid and Garrison’s farm which they can highly recommend and who have generously agreed to sponsor Steve on his travels. If you would like to do so too, you can at

Sadly it was at this point they learned that Phil could not continue. Yes, Bossin Thejogle was broken beyond repair and has had to withdraw from this part of the Jogle. Apparently he was packaged up, stamped and marked, ‘DAMAGED GOODS – HANDLE WITH CARE’ before being posted home from a local Post Office. We wish him and his blisters a speedy recovery.

Finally as we leave you with more scenic shots of the days journey, an apology – the Blogger neglected to give you the stats for Day 17 yesterday. (Who shouted ‘Sack him!’? There’s no need!) Anyway, without further without ado, they are:-

Mileage Day 17 16.9 – Day 18 15.3 – Total 285.33

Steps Day 17 36,201 – Day 18 35,202 – Total 594,980

Footnote: It can be confirmed that The Crippled Duck re-entered its standard orbit of The Hinksford Arms car park at 16:24 BST



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