Jogle Blogle – Day 19

‘Driech.’ It’s a Scottish word meaning wet, cold and gloomy. Appropriate then for the Jogle as it sums up most of the journey from John O’Groats so far. And Day 19 was to be no different as our Jogler and Jogleress set out from Inversnaid to the poorly named Drymen. 

IMG_2469From their overnight stop at Garrison’s farm they chose this as their wildlife pic of the day. One can only hope that Steve’s options improve on his trek down south to Land’s End. If you’d like to donate to this charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support here is the link to his ‘just giving’ page

IMG_2481IMG_2482They are now well and truly on The Great Trossachs Path (no, no, we did the ‘getting caught by the Trossachs joke the other day, remember?) alongside Loch Lomond and heading out toward Ben Lomond. The Ben is the most southerly of the Scottish Munro’s and therefore very popular due to its proximity to Glasgow.

In case you’re wondering a Munro is a Scottish mountain, or Ben, over 3000ft tall. There are 282 in total named after the chap who catalogued them all in 1891, Sir Hugh T Munro. Some people (including the Jogler and Jogleress who have clocked up an impressive 85 peaks to date) try to climb as many as possible. The record for doing all of them is an impressive 39 days 9 hours and 6 minutes by some lunatic called Stephen Pyke in 2010. The highest of course is Ben Nevis which our intrepid pair scaled on Day 13. The Gaelic name for Ben Lomond – Benin Laomainn, which they are just passing by, means ‘Beacon mountain.’



To escape a total ‘drieching,’ they stopped off at a coffee shop in Balmaha with unusual door handles and an unusual choice of reading material.




Eventually they trudged wearily in to Drymen, anything but and thankfully but soggily into their digs for-the night.

Stats for the day were as follows:

Mileage: 20      Total: 305.33

Steps: 41,312    Total: 636,292

Time taken 7 hours 50 minutes and 3 seconds




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