Day 22. The Jogler cut a lonely, bereft figure as he made his solitary way through the cityscape of Glasgow. One by one his travelling companions have fallen by the wayside to leave our hero battling on alone. No longer the scenic views of highland glens, but the concrete and glass entrance to Central Station and underpasses of the M8. Enough to deaden the soul of any Jogler.

IMG_2641IMG_2644IMG_2646Out by the O2 Academy and the Scottish Ballet and down into the suburbs. He paused to take a picture of the welcome sign he should have taken on the northern side of the city. Numbed by days of endless walking, step after agonising step, I’m pretty sure the poor chap was beginning to hallucinate.

IMG_2661Indeed, by East Kilbride, Steve on his journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End was so bored that he began to take pictures of his own finger. I must admit, having once been to East Kilbride myself that I might have been tempted to do the same.




IMG_2660With a final backward glance at Glasgow, our brave Jogler steeled himself for the ongoing journey and discovered that in an alternate universe he and I ran a shit spraying business. No, I don’t mean that it was a bad spraying business missus, I mean it was spraying shit.IMG_2663










Six miles out of his final destination of Strathaven, clouds ominously began to appear and the heavens opened, only brightening again when he passed the castle and fell blissfully into a waiting bed, only to be tormented by nightmares of having to do the whole thing over again tomorrow!










Make his day brighter by making a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support on Steve’s just giving page at

I can hardly bear it, but here are the stats.

Mileage: 24.3           Total: 352.63

Steps: 47,629            Total: 728,944

Time taken: 7 hours 54 minutes 4 seconds



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