Day 23 Our Jogler leaves Strathaven in a slightly more upbeat frame of mind. Little did he know how tedious the day would be. But worry not dear reader, on our journey with my brother Steve down to Land’s End from you know where up north, I shall try to spice up the account as much as possible. Starting with a two wildlife pictures of the day – how exciting is that!?

IMG_2686IMG_2690Firstly – a cow trying unsuccessfully to hide. O.k., then – not very exciting. Secondly – Oh, this is much more like it – a bird native to South America. Yes Rheally! Nothing like a good pun is there? Yes, I know the answer to that thank-you very much! I wonder if it’s name is Chris? Ha! Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s an American or greater Rhea, or could it be a Darwin’s or Lesser Rhea? Answers on a postcard please.

IMG_2698IMG_2716IMG_2717Now then, I’m not sure why the Jogler thought that tedium was the best word to describe his latest jaunt, I mean look at these! The Scots love their wind farms and here are designs of all shapes and sizes to keep an avid wind turbine spotter going for years. Perhaps I should write a book explaining the great diversity? I could call it ‘Mega or What?’ IMG_2738IMG_2747











I think though he was referring to the endlessly boring long straight roads, pathways and cycle routes he took on his way down to Abingdon. In fact I can feel myself… oh sorry, nearly nodded off there.

IMG_2725IMG_2741At last though something to gladden the heart of even the most downtrodden Jogler. A sign on the M74 – ‘The South.’ Surely it’s only a question of time before something exciting happens and yes, here it is, an unprecedented third wildlife pic of the day. A curlew. Squint a bit, you’ll spot it. And this! A castle on the M74 which is actually a services. Eat your heart out, Watford Gap!IMG_2754IMG_2718

IMG_2755Eventually he staggered exhausted to his final destination, the motorway services at Abingdon for his overnight stop. No castle here unfortunately. He ignored the chance to avail himself of the walking aid charitably discarded by someone who had obviously been miraculously cured. 

If you’d like to contribute to Steve’s charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, here is the link.

Stats for the day for those who are even remotely interested are:

Mileage: 23.3       Total: 375.93

Steps: 46,122        Total: 775,066

Time taken: 7 hours 1 minute and 54 seconds



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