IMG_2761Day 24 of the Jogle and not too much to report today, dear Blogle reader. Steve left Abingdon services behind, along with his breakfast roll which is presumably still languishing by the till at Starbucks. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget where he’s going. It’s south bro, to Land’s End, remember?


No rain for a change as he passed over the Clyde again, alongside the road and rail following the valley into Dumfries and Galloway – his last Scottish county of this little adventure. The sign lies!



Wildlife of the day was a moody, low resolution, ram. I know, it is disappointing isn’t it, but we did have three wildlife pics yesterday I suppose.


IMG_2769IMG_2799Hang on, what’s this? Yes, now I know the Jogler has cracked. He’s reporting that he is ‘blasting’ along the country lanes. Blasting? For heavens sake, it almost sounds as though he’s enjoying himself!

IMG_2809He hurtled into his overnight stop at Moffat, which has been designated as a ‘dark sky town.’ Apparently this means that special street lighting has been introduced to preserve the starry skies during the hours of darkness. The place to best enjoy the view is said to be at a public car park about a mile out of town according to @GoStargazing so that’s alright then. I’d suggest that if you bump into someone with binoculars on your local beauty spot car park in the middle of the night you could perhaps go up to them and say, ‘I know what you’re doing.’


The days stats were:

Miles: 19.1      Total: 395.03

Steps: 36,363  Total: 811,429

Time taken: 5 hours 43 minutes and 55 seconds

If you’d like to donate to his just giving page, the link is:


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