Steve left the wee cottages of Moffat behind on Day 25 of his hike from John O’Groats to Land’s End, strolling down the highways and byways alongside the M74. 




Wildlife shot of the day was this small Wallaby sitting in very long grass, or was it a large hare in slightly shorter grass? We may never know.


IMG_2853IMG_2820Travelling in such close proximity to the railway, Steve has become a keen train spotter. This one is probably the 4:20 Virgin to Inverness. And the roads continue to be long and straight. I blame the Romans meself.





IMG_2846Stopping only for a caramel wafer made by local company, @TunnockOfficial  the Jogler continued south. Through Lockerbie where he stopped only for lunch and Ecclefechan where he stopped only to take a photo of this sign. 

IMG_2892As you no doubt already know, Ecclefechan was the birthplace of famous Scot, Thomas Carlyle. What’s that? No, not the bloke who took all his clothes of in The Full Monty, I think you’ll find that was Robert Carlyle. Honestly you lot, minds like sewers! And who keeps sniggering every time I mention Ecclefechan? Anyway, as I was saying Thomas was born in 1771 and went on to be a famous philosopher, satirist, historian, essayist among other things. This is where you get to learn about culture folks. You can even pop into his old house for the princely sum of four quid to see where he hung his kilt.



The aptly named Burntfoot Hall Retirement Village sounded tempting, but our Jogler manfully carried on past.


The Jogler stopped for the night in Kirtlebridge, but not before he got his first long distance view of the Lake District on the horizon. Break out the bunting, poach some eggs, he’ll be back in Blighty in time for tea tomorrow.


After another long, long day on the road, the stats were as follows.

Mileage: 25.5       Total: 420.53

Steps: 51,253                    Total:  862,682

Duration: 7 hours 54 minutes 25 seconds


To see what’s inspired this mad charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support,  visit his just giving page at

And join us for a momentous day tomorrow as the Jogler crosses the border – although rumour has it that moral is low on The Jogle as the weather and niggling injury take their toll.

Keep going Steve – we’re all behind you – all the way! You’re doing a fantastic job!

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