How about yesterday, eh? Two Blogles for the price of one. What? You missed the second one? Well you’d better go back and read it before you read this then. It was funny even if I do say so myself. It made Heather Jenkins laugh anyway, she wrote and told me so. Keep an eye out, you never know when we might double up again. You wouldn’t want to miss one now would you?

Day 57 of the Jogle dawned a bit more on the cloudy side. Indeed even by the time the Jogler and Jogleress had roused themselves to continue from Westard Ho! to Hartland Quay it was still a bit on the cloudy side and stayed that way for much of the day.



By the way, if you do fancy a des res in these parts this shed is quite reasonably priced at £22,000. Cheap at half the price!




They followed the South West Coastal Path into Peppercomb and from there through Buck’s and Keivill’s Woods.

IMG_4435It’s also quite hilly around here as this view down into Clovelly shows. And theduo descended into the picturesque village for lunch, no doubt envying the locals who had sledges available to traverse the cobbles. Also they were faced with quite a dilemma, church or pub. I’ll leave you, dear reader, to decide which one they chose.

Replete, a bit squiffy and content (oops, bit of a spoiler there!) they ambled through Stoke and – hang on guys have we taken a wrong turn somewhere? Oh, there’s more than one ‘Stoke’ apparently. And keen on duplication they spotted yet another peacock and nominated it as wildlife of the day. Now technically I’m not sure – is that not a peahen? Dunno, but I dare say you lot will put me right.


Eventually they strode purposely into Hartland Quay (Yes, well they stepped up the pace from the amble through Stoke, obviously.) The historic Quay is… Pardon? How do I know it’s historic? The sign says so of course. Anyway, the place they were staying had been closed the week before as Netflix were filming a new version of Rebecca. Shame guys, a few days earlier and you could have been extras!


If you’d like to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support as Steve makes his way from John O’Groats to Land’s End, his ‘just giving ‘ link is

Stats for the day:

Mileage: 19.6      Total: 1052

Steps: 45,491       Total: 2,140,525

Time taken: 7 hours 57 minutes and 11 seconds


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