Jogle Blogle – Day 61

Jogle Blogle – Day 61

Come on then you lot, up and at ‘em. Only five days to go.

What’s that? You can’t because you’ve got a hurty what? Oh really? Well never mind, rub some cream on it, you’re holding the rest of us up. Pardon? You can’t because of what? Look stop being a baby. You don’t hear the Jogler moaning do you? And he’s actually walking, you’re only reading about it let’s face it, so get your skates on. Well I’ve no doubt it is chafing, but honestly it’s not that far to go now. That’s the spirit. Did I tell you that I’ve had nipple rash since day 33? Itches like hell, but you don’t hear me complain do you? O.k? Well catch up in a minute or two, I can’t keep everyone else hanging about can I?

Hi folks, sorry about the little contretemps there, but welcome to Day 61 of this guided tour from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

Setting out from Tintagel the Jogler and Jogleress passed by the graveyard and a warning that poisonous snakes may see you added to the congregation. Incidentally, talking of venomous wriggly things and religion, did you know that two creatures were left on the ark after The Flood? Yes, really. When Noah asked them why they hadn’t disembarked they replied, ‘we can’t. You told us to go out and multiply, but we’re Adders.’ I know, I know, the old ones are the best!


A first Poldark reference. I’m reliably informed that Sue is disappointed not to have seen any bare chested Cornishmen yet.





fullsizeoutput_892In Port Issac they came across the traditional Cornish pastime of community ironing – on the beach.





At the Lazy Days Cafe the owners generously gave the pair a free meal to support the cause. Steve will add the money saved to his ‘just giving’ page in support of Macmillan Cancer Support at

Incidentally, that fund has just crept over the £8000 mark. Don’t forget that Steve was aiming for £10k and there’s not long to get your donations in now folks if you would care to contribute.



It was a 2 minute chug across the river mouth to their overnight stop in Padstow.

Out for a drink in the evening and a look into an establishment owned by a certain Mr Stein. Pardon? No, not Frank N – the other one, @Rick_Stein 

As we’re coming close to the end of my brother’s charity walk, in an effort to allow the Blogle to catch up with the Jogle this is the first of two posts today, so keep an eye out folks, there will be another along very shortly.

Stats of the day-

Mileage: 18.6    Total: 1106.7

Steps: 37,205     Total: 2,263,022

Time taken: 6 hours 30 minutes and 13 seconds


Jogle Blogle – Day 53

Jogle Blogle – Day 53

IMG_4215Now then dear reader, those of you who have been with us since the start may recall that my brother, Steve, has not been doing things the easy way on his charity walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Why go from A to B when you can throw all the other letters of the alphabet into the mix right the way up to Z, and then include some that haven’t been invented yet just for good measure. So he did the 3 peaks on the way down. He’s taken the high road when those of a saner disposition would in all likelihood have taken the low road. And now we’ve come to one of those crossroads again. Faced with the prospect of travelling as the crow flies to his ultimate destination, the Jogler has chosen instead to take the longest route possible along the South West Coastal Path. He’s almost 1,000 miles into his journey (which could have been completed in 872 miles if he had taken the most direct course) and he’s now throwing a few more – in my humble opinion – totally unnecessary miles into the pot.

Not only that but this is a hike with hills.

Bloody big ones!

Will he never learn?

If you would like to donate to the cause which is Macmillan Cancer Support, Steve’s ‘just giving’ page link is

fullsizeoutput_86dAnyway he’s off again, dragging the Jogleress along with him as he sets out from Minehead on Day 53 of his journey to the next scheduled overnight stop at Lynton. Perhaps surprisingly, given my comments above, he chose in this instance not to take the ‘rugged coastal path’ but chose instead to take the simpler route. After all it only had a 5680 foot climb in it! I wonder where the path led that’s been broken off the signpost? The Old Rugged Cross perhaps?



The Exmoor ponies paid them not a lot of interest as they strode past, perhaps aware that they were not in fact wildlife of the day. That accolade went to this fellow who tried to help himself to their lunch when they stopped in Porlock.





They passed a memorial to a Liberator crew lost on Porlock beach during the war and then found out that walkers were not welcomed on the toll road at Porlock Weir, so the Jogleress opted for a quick sit down instead.



Culbone church gave Steve the opportunity to take a few more ecclesiastical snaps and then his reasons for choosing this path became apparent – scenery or what? And of course blue sky always helps.

They finished off walking down a steep hill to Lynmouth – Oh, wait a minute – and then up an even steeper one to Lynton.

Perhaps standing outside the local church was not the best place for the Jogleress to declare that, ‘I’m blowing out of my a**e here!’ Tsk!

Stats are as follows –

Mileage: 21.0

Steps: 46,116

Time taken: 8 hours 26 minutes and 42 seconds

Now I promise that the totals will be back tomorrow – so join us on Day 54 for what could possibly be a groundbreaking milestone on this adventure.


Jogle Blogle – Day 45

Jogle Blogle – Day 45

Now thankfully free of his defective footwear the Jogler was able to cut loose on Day 45 for his trip down to Hay On Wye. But before we set off in pursuit of Steve a big shout out to his hosts for the night, Lynda and Larnie at the Greylands Guest House. When they learned that my brother was walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End they upgraded his room, refused payment and made a substantial donation to his chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you guys in Llandrindod Wells! If you’d like to add to the fund, the just giving link is


Come on then, we’ll have to jog along ourselves in order to catch up. Is that him there? Yes, up that pathway over there. I could have sworn I just saw him stop to take a photo of those Canadian Geese, probably for his wildlife the day picture.


Oh yes that’s him, slogging up that hill. He’s snapping few cloudy scenic shots today on his route up on the moorlands of Powys.IMG_3839

Eventually he paused for a refuelling break and a quick photo to show that all is now wellwith his footwear – hang on, what’s that in the distance? Lord Hereford‘s what? Knob!? Well really! 

Past a place with a long unpronounceable name and down into Clyro where his recent obsession with churches becomes apparent again.

By late afternoon he arrived at the town of books – Hay On Wye, twinned as you can see with Timbuktu. Perhaps they read a lot there too? He’s overnighting at The Old Black Lion, So expect a thick head in the morning.

Oh, and what’s this? Bertie Blister and his leg infection are now fine but due to his new boots his corns are playing up! Honestly some people! Well if he thinks I’m traipsing all the way over there again with a packet of Carnation Corn Plasters (other brands are available) he’s got another think coming! It’s just one thing after another isn’t it? Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan… If I’d known it was going to be like this! Tsk! I couldn’t be like it meself! Don’t know where he gets it from! On and on and on all the time!

I suppose he wants me to let you know what the stats of the day were too?

Mileage: 20.4

Steps: 41,205

Time taken: 8 hours, 4 minutes and 31 seconds


Jogle Blogle – Day 41

Jogle Blogle – Day 41

Having spent a thankfully uneventful rest day in Beddgelert our Jogler awoke refreshed and ready to continue his walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End on Day 41 of his journey – and guess what, the Sun shone! If only someone had joined him we could have had a picture of the Jogler’s sponsored tee shirt in all its glory. But no, Steve was alone on his meander through the lanes and villages of the Welsh countryside. 


After visiting the grave of Gelert (fake news) and the local railway station he sauntered down past Maentwrog parish church.






Wildlife of the day was this – I don’t know – grass snake? I know you lot will put me right if I’m mistaken.








The man made lake at Trawsfynydd is home to the only U.K. inland nuclear power station for which it supplied the cooling water. The plant was shut down in 1991 but won’t be fully decommissioned until 2080. You have to wonder if it was worth it really don’t you? It only produced electricity for only 26 years and then will take the best part of a century to make the place marginally less toxic.




A statue to commemorate – Hedd Wyn who was made the winning bard at Birkenhead Eisteddfod in August 1917, posthumously- less than a month after his death in Flanders during World War I.









And so the Jogler having sauntered to his destination at Coed-Y-Brenin (wherever that is) retired to his feast of hula hoops and Welsh cakes. We’ll leave you with some scenic pictures of his trip.






Stats of the day were,

Mileage: 19.3      Total: 736.43

Steps: 38,484      Total: 1,498,922

Time taken: 7 hours 11 minutes and 23 seconds

Steve has some gruelling mileages coming up before his next rest day back in England on Day 50. If you’d like to support his charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support, his just giving page link is


Jogle Blogle – Day 33

Jogle Blogle – Day 33

Hello again everyone. Just to let you know that after the communication blackout of yesterday, contact has been re-established with the Jogler. Yes, my brother Steve, it can be confirmed, is still alive. And so we set off with him again on his journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End albeit two days behind now – after I’d worked so damn hard to catch up after the last little hiccup too! In case you’d lost count it’s Day 33, just past halfway and there is some serious walking to be done as he marches toward Snowdon the last of the three peaks to be conquered in this charity event for Macmillan Cancer Support. You can see why here –


He’s just about to leave Lancaster to resume his trek down south, but hold on – what’s this? He’s made a detour to the station to meet up with a mystery guest who’s going to accompany him today. Now I’ve been sworn to secrecy as to who this person is, but that makes no odds as the Jogler hasn’t actually told me who it is anyway, so we’ll just have to call the stranger, Jogler X.


They set off toward Preston along the canal, via Galgate marina and immediately got that sinking feeling. I think someone tied their mooring ropes too tight there.




I don’t know who the guy with the tripod was, and you can bet they never asked – come on, we need to know these things!


And that’s about all I can tell you, dear reader. Jogler X bought lunch (probably the only reason Steve asked him to come along).






Wildlife of the day had two entries, a paddling cow and some long necked Peruvian sheep.





Stats of the Day.

Blimey, no wonder he didn’t want to talk much – 29.1 miles    Total: 574.43

Steps were – 57,630    Total: 1,177,089

And it took 10 hours 33 minutes and 54 seconds

I’m going for a lie down after that, see you tomorrow.

By the way Steve, I’d be careful of the toilet – I worked on the sewage works up there!


Jogle Blogle – Day 26

Jogle Blogle – Day 26

Okay then, I’d like you to imagine the scenario. 

IMG_2912IMG_2917You’re walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End and for most of the journey so far the weather ain’t been good. (Let’s face it, we’ve all been moaning ‘cos it’s been raining for a few days – visualise that repeated over and over, even with all your wet weather gear.) Even if it’s not actually wet, it’s certainly moody as hell.

Also, you started out, not in a good place, with a blister which persistently hung around for the first week. 

You’ve only done one of the three peaks (Ben Nevis) that you’ve pledged to do on the way south. The second (Scafell Pike) is taunting you in the near distance and the third (Snowden) is a couple of weeks away.

You’re taking pain killers for the constant ache in your legs and at this point you realise that you have only done just over one third of this charity walk.

This is how Steve’s feeling right now, so let’s collectively send the Jogler some good vibes – he’s doing a fantastic job which very few of us would even contemplate, let alone attempt.

Let’s take a look at what he’s achieved so far. 

IMG_2926He’s just about to cross the border from Scotland to England and for any normal JOGLE walk that would be almost half way. Because of the three peak challenge he has set himself however the nearly 1200 mile trip is nowhere near that.

The number of steps that he has taken so far is racing toward the one million mark.

And perhaps most importantly of all he has so far raised nearly £7000 of the minimum of £10000 Steve has set as his target for Macmillan Cancer Support.










Day 26 was another long trek from Kirtlebridge to Newby Cross. Thanks to Alison and Frazer at The Village Inn – a great place to stay. The Jogler finally left the Sustrans Route which he has followed since leaving Glasgow and hiked alongside the Solway Firth where he narrowly missed being hit by a tree which was blown over seconds after he had passed beneath it.










Down through Gretna Green, the last house in Scotland and finally to the border. Home sweet home – if only!



Here are some shots of the first of many towns and cities still to go – Carlisle cathedral and castle and of course – the Jaffa Cake factory.

Stats of the day:

Miles: 22.0                             Total: 442.53

Steps: 43,138                         Total: 905,820

Time taken: 7 hours 30 minutes and 12 seconds



As you know that the Jogle is at the moment two days in front of the Blogle (hopefully we’ll get back to only a day behind this weekend) but news has just reached the Blogler that Steve, after a couple of hours in Keswick A & E has an infection in his leg, hence the pain. Having been given enough drugs to fell an elephant however, he is carrying on regardless and at the risk of giving out a Blogle spoiler will attempt Scafell Pike on Saturday.

If you’d like to send a message of support to the man I’m proud to call my brother then leave them on whichever social media platform you find the Blogle, WordPress, Facebook or Twitter and I’ll make sure that they’re passed on to Steve (who perhaps sensibly is not on social media at all.) You can also message him directly via his just giving page at

A big shout out and thank you to everyone who has supported and/ or donated so far from the Jogler.


Jogle Blogle – Day 13

You may have noticed that there was no Jogle Blogle – Day 12 published yesterday. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t one, there was – and rather good it was too, even if I do say so myself. Unfortunately I ran into all sorts of copyright issues with the pictures I wanted to attach to it. So I’ll bung 10 quid forfeit into Steve’s just giving page at in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support (you can donate too) and plough straight on with the ominously named Jogle Blogle – Day 13.

It turns out that the only ominous thing about it was the weather, which was foul. Cold, cold rain. Not the most favourable conditions for climbing a mountain then, but it was there, and as part of Steve’s charity walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End, it had to be done. 

Ben Nevis is the highest peak on mainland Britain and stands some 4,413 feet high. But the Jogler and his wife, Sue, aka the Jogleress were to have some company on this first of the 3 peak challenge my brother so foolishly decided to include on this little adventure. Daughter and son, Rachael and Michael (henceforth to be known as the Jogleressette and the Mini-Jogler joined them at Fort William as did the Jogleressette’sfella, Andy (I think they bought him along to take the photos. Besides, no one talks to him because he supports The Baggies – West Bromwich Albion, for our readers abroad).

IMG_2116IMG_2117The day started reasonably enough, damp but mild. Perhaps unwisely they trusted the Jogleressette with the map (Oh look, there’s the Jogleressette’sfella).





IMG_2069Fortunately they didn’t have to rely on her cartography skills as they found a handily placed sign, and let’s face it a bloody great mountain is quite hard to miss.

On the way up however the weather began to close in.

102a5cf5-d75f-4e84-8abc-6d28b9fa568eNow at this juncture I should like to thank the BBC for their well timed report on the evening news only a day previously. Ben Nevis, they declared, was a very dangerous place to go, before informing Joe Public (myself included) how many people had died on its slopes recently. Thanks a lot Beeb!

This Blogler was very relieved when I received news that the party had returned to base camp.

IMG_2107There was one important stop to make before that could happen though. The summit! Here they are proudly (and justifiably) displaying the Joglers tee shirt.IMG_2104fullsizeoutput_7c1

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the Jogler, I would like to point out that he may have been preparing for this moment for most of his life. Here is a picture of him at the age of around 5 or 6 with much the same pose and expression.

IMG_2120There was not much of a view however though the mist and murk. Freezing temperatures also meant that our gang returned the way they came to head for the warmth of a suitable bar to celebrate, which the Mini-Jogler and the Jogleressette’sfella did long into the night.8529fc8c-e3c4-4e9f-99a4-52b78687c5d8

Let’s hope conditions are more favourable when they attempt Scafell Pike and Snowdon later in the trek.

The days stats were as follows:

Mileage 10.1, no I know it’s not a lot but it was uphill for heaven’s sake! It took 6 hours 40 minutes and 34 seconds in 30,979 steps for the Jogler anyway.

Totals to date, 221.33 miles. 452,014 steps.