Jogle Blogle – Day One

I suppose you noticed did you?

Yes, that’s right, there was no Blogle yesterday! Due to technical problems (they say a bad workman always blames his tools) I missed a day would you believe!? So you know what that means don’t you? Ten quid in the kitty from me at  as Steve begins his Jogle in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. You can add some dosh too if you’re so inclined.

IMG_1374So anyway, the Jogle is indeed now afoot, and what else would it be really?

IMG_1372The Jogler started out from Duncansby Head Lighthouse at 9:30 a.m. on the 18th May 2019. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Blimey, he likes a lie in, don’t he?’ But I do have to say in his defence that he got sidetracked by quite a large group of people scanning the seas with binoculars on the lookout for Orcas. That’s right – Killer Whales. Apparently they’d been spotted the day before. I don’t know where they were going, perhaps on their holidays or something, but unfortunately no sighting for Steve. There were some Risso’s Dolphins about, but our intrepid walker didn’t get to see one of those either. However, he does now regard himself as an honorary member of The Scottish Whale and Dolphin Group. Check them out at

IMG_1366So, after posing for the obligatory piccies under the signpost (thanks to a random Australian for taking the photo) the Jogler duly headed off from the furthest north east point in Britain on his way to the furthest South West in the gloom and drizzle (I told you so in an earlier pre-Blogle, didn’t I?) 

He in fact made it as far as the local pub, where he stopped for, ‘cup of tea.’ Yeah right! A rather pleasant gentleman (who he later met in Wick) kindly offered him a lift. Fortunately for us, dear Jogle Blogle reader he turned it down, otherwise this whole enterprise would have been rendered entirely pointless.

IMG_1377En route on the 20 odd mile trek to Wick he spotted a rather interesting new pipeline – yes, I yawned too – and that was rather the highlight of the trip.

IMG_1386And so at…. he arrived in Wick. And if you’re wondering why the cup final didn’t start at the traditional 3p.m., it’s because they were waiting for City season ticket holder, Steve to take his seat in the local Wetherspoons.

Unbeknown to him at the time he was sitting next to fellow City fan, Pete Nash from Cornwall. They only found out when they each cheered the first goal. Pete and his mate, Nick (a fine fellow who supports a team from the right side of Manchester) are up there cycling the North Coast 500 – Scotland’s Route 66). Fair play to Pete though, apparently he’s offered to help Steve out if he gets stuck, no matter where he is in the country – nice one! (Personally I reckon it just goes to show that City fans don’t have many friends – not that I’m bitter or anything!)

To summarise then, the Day One Jogle of 22.0 miles was completed along the A99 in 7 hours 12 minutes and 1 second in a total of 40580 steps. He ascended to a maximum elevation of 328 feet, which is pretty unimpressive as we’re higher than that here in The Black Country. So much for the Scottish Highlands then! Worryingly there are concerns about a blister which could be quite problematic, much like Lewis Hamilton getting a flat spot on a tyre. I’ll keep you updated as the Jogle progresses.

So, he’s off tomorrow (probably already completed by the time you read this) to Latheron.

20/5 Latheron to Helmsdale, 21/5 Helmsdale to Golspie, 22/5 Golspie to Tain, 23/5 Tain to Evanton and on Friday 24/5 he’ll be yomping from Evanton to Inverness.

He’s in my thoughts as I lie here on my sun lounger, composing this Blogle. Keep up the good work bro.


Happy Jogling Eve

Happy Joglingeve.

Yes the Jogler, my brother Steve Robertson is on the starting blocks for his epic trek from John O’Groats to Lands End.

He arrived up there earlier today after a torturous journey from here in the Black Country. His original flight was cancelled which meant four train marathons and a final taxi trip. As he told me earlier it is a real life planes, trains and automobiles.

57969999982__571AA754-643F-4058-B6B4-C9133878D28FHe stayed last night in Edinburgh so of course he did the touristy thing of jogging on up to the castle but apparently couldn’t get near the place as loads of inconsiderate people were already there queuing for a tattoo. (I wonder if they all had a butterfly on the ankle or did they go full ‘Beckham’ and have an angel on the back?)

He sent me a lot of pictures of stations – he was obviously bored, but not to worry he’s there now. I would imagine he’ll be doing stretching excercises, lifting glass to mouth as he limbers up for the ‘off’ tomorrow.IMG_1325

We won’t join him straight away though. We’ll catch up on day 2 with a report on day 1, which is the John O’Groats to Wick leg.

I’ll give you a run down of the Scottish sections of the Jogle tomorrow in case you’re inclined to get out there and cheer him on.

If you’d like to donate to his just giving page for Macmillan Cancer Support here is the link.

In the meantime here are some random photos from the man himself, taken as he made his way to the start line. I’m guessing Usain Bolt used to do the exact same thing as he made his way to the start of his Olympic finals.



Follow the Blogle on this site folks and keep up with the adventures of the man himself.

Good luck bro. Catch up with you soon.

Thank you all (Jogle Blogle +10)

So here we nearly are. Only ten short days before my brother, Steve sets out on his stroll along the length of the country from John O’Groats to Land’s End via the three peaks. He will as previously mentioned be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support via his Just Giving Page at – so please take a look and contribute to that good cause if you feel able.

Start date will be Saturday the 18th May, so look out for updates from Sunday (I’ll be a day behind reporting his progress because of dodgy mobile signals, time zones, jet lag, the rotation of the Earth, or something like that).

In the meantime there are a number of people/ establishments that he would like to thank for their help during this planning and training phase of the JOGLE.

In no particular order these are, My Two Feet – chiropodist and podiatrists in Wollaston, Stourbridge. Let’s face it, if he were doing this by car then he would at least blow the tyres up, so taking care of his feet seems like a pretty sensible idea.

Similarly he asked me to mention Wollaston Chiropractic Clinic and Romsley Physiotherapy – he’s obviously had some work done on his chassis.

Then we come to the fuelling stations – Archie’s Attic in Enville a local tea shop supplying bostin’ granola slices, so I’m told. The Plough Inn, Kinver for cobs and Bathams – a local ale for those of you not in the know. 

The Copper Beech House B & B in Malvern deserves a shout out for and Steve and Kathy’s hospitality there, during what has been optimistically described as ‘high altitude training.’

Finally, continuing the motoring the analogy, thanks to Ian Woolley at Badger Rugby for buffing up his bodywork with this rather excellent shirt. (Actually I Hope Steve has more than one, otherwise it’s going to be a bit ripe by the time he gets down south, isn’t it?)

Visual of Charity Tech T Shirt V2 240419

Apologies by the way to anyone we’ve missed.

I’ll submit a Blogle on the day Steve sets out to remind you of his route through Scotland, so if anyone wants to pop out and see exactly what a madman looks like, you’ll know exactly when and where to look. Just so you know, Day One will be from John O’Groats to Wick.

 In the meantime I’m off to put my feet up, all this writing of walking is wearing me out!

Blogling along (JOGLE BLOGLE +20)

Right you lot, pay attention.

Take you hands out of your pockets, tuck your shirt in and you in the corner – stop slouching like that.

I thought that I ought to tell you about the Blogle.

Yes, that’s what this is, glad some of you have been listening at least.

As you know there are only 20 short days until Steve sets off from John O’Groats and heads south (after a bit of fiddling about at the start – see Jogle Blogle +40 days).

All through the journey – a grand total of 65 days – there will be a daily Blogle informing you of progress. Miles traveled, how many sheep he’s seen, number of blisters, that sort of thing. 

I know, exciting stuff indeed.

Now, and far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, during this feat (or should that be feet, ha ha. I make myself laugh sometimes) of endurance, there will be another unsung, unappreciated and dare I say, undervalued marathon taking place.

Really, yes!

Normally I’d be far too modest to mention it, but – stop sniggering – writing a Blogle a day for such a length of time to keep you sorry lot entertained is, for a one fingered typist such as myself, quite a massive undertaking. It will be achieved only by drinking copious amounts of coffee (black, no sugar thank you), clamping my tongue firmly between my lips and squinting myopically at my iPad – other makes of tablet are available.

I’ve even bought a new chair so that I can be chilled as I write. Yes I know that Steve will be suffering for this venture, but quite frankly I don’t see that I should have to as well!

Here’s a piccie of Blogle HQ.


The Blogle is aiming to average somewhere around 250 words, with pictures as available from the Jogler himself thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the availability of a mobile signal from the more remote parts of the adventure.

It will be interesting to see exactly how many different ways there are of saying that my brother is walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End for charity.

I’ll try to shake it up a bit, I promise.


Am I going to make something up if I don’t get word from Steve? 

As if! 

I don’t know how you might think that. Really!?

So I pledge now that if I do happen to miss a Blogle that I’ll chuck ten quid in the kitty to go toward Macmillan Cancer Support for that and any subsequent omissions.

So now you can put your hands back in your pockets, dig deep and donate if you’re in a charitable frame of mind at

I’ll also post a running total so that you can see how far he is from his target of £10,000.

In 10 days time we’ll be presenting the first look at the Jogle shirt. (I’ve seen it already – it’s very impressive, with all those corporate sponsors emblazoned across the front and back). See you then.

Over and out. 

And Sue will walk 500 miles… (JOGLE BLOGLE +30)

30 days now to the big ‘off.’

Yes, that’s right! My brother, Steve Robertson is walking from John O’Goats to Land’s End in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.


Yes I thought you were, you weren’t snoring quite as loudly as usual.

So before we go too far down the road of ‘The Jogle,’ there is something I feel I should own up to. Steve is not doing this alone. I thought you ought to know so that you don’t feel that I have in any way misrepresented the Jogle.

What’s that?

No it’s nothing like the PPI scandal and I…

Say again?

I don’t see how you could possibly claim a refund, I checked just before we started this and you haven’t actually paid anything – yet.

Well no, thinking about donating isn’t the same as actually doing it, is it?

And anyway, you have no idea what it is that I was about to ‘fess up to, do you?

No, I thought not. So if I could just explain…

As I said, Steve is not doing the Jogle alone. He’ll be accompanied for forty per cent of the journey by wife Sue.

Yes, his wife Sue! He’s hardly going to be marching along with some random Sue who happens to be married to someone else, is he? Honestly – will you just let me finish!

Now for those of you who haven’t met him, Steve is tall. Very tall. 

Sue on the other hand, isn’t. 

Tall that is. 

Which is probably why Sue will only be doing forty per cent of the route. For every stride that Steve takes she’ll be doing two and a half. At least. So – not quite half the distance, but the same amount of steps. Explain that to your Fitbit.

But don’t blink or you’ll miss her, she may be small but she’s speedy. In fact the only picture I could get was one of her disappearing into the distance. There was a rush of air and a loud noise which may have been a sonic boom as she sped past.

57634249079__5FBDA9F5-F23B-4D9F-BEFB-282A74CFE66AAll this means, dear reader, is that technically speaking Sue should have been sponsored too. 

And she’s not.

Sponsored that is.

So here’s an idea, you know that 10p you were generously and charitably going to donate toward Macmillan Cancer Support? How about making it 20p instead. Just to show willing.

You know it makes sense. Here’s the link to Steve’s just giving page.

In the meantime they’ll both be out training this Easter holiday weekend somewhere around here in the Black Country, so I suggest that you keep a sharp lookout – otherwise you may get trampled in the rush!

We’ll be back in ten days as the countdown continues.




A small step for a man (Jogle Blogle +40)

With only 40 days to go to the start of the Jogle, dear reader, I thought that I might fill you in on the early part of Steve’s journey from John O’Groats to Lands End – the Scottish experience – for want of a better expression. 

As I’ve told you before, Steve sets out on the 18th. May and…


Yes I did, you obviously weren’t listening – again!

So, just so you can get out there and wave your Saltire’s at him as he passes, here’s a quick heads up of the first part of the route.

Excuse me?

No, a Saltire isn’t a sea breeze, it’s the Scottish flag.

Yes, the blue one with the white stripey bits, as you so eloquently put it.

Anyway, from John O’Groats he’ll head – North!

I know, I know, that’s what I thought. I’ll hear the splash from here in Stourbridge! 

But once my intrepid brother had explained why, it all became clear. So if you’ll indulge me for a while I shall try to clarify exactly what’s going on.

Imagine for a moment the summer of ‘69.


No, not the song. I’m talking about the Apollo space mission.

Yes, it is comparable as you’ll soon see.

Neil Armstrong, Buzz and the other bloke no one can ever remember didn’t blast straight off to the moon you know, oh no, no, no.

First off the three men I admire the most had to drive their Chevy from the levee, hitch up the Saturn V rocket and tow it off to the launch pad.

And that’s what’s happening here.

Steve will stumble out of bed, eat a hearty breakfast…

No, I guess you’re probably right. He is about to embark on an athletic endeavour after all, so he’ll probably be eating something that looks and tastes as though it’s dropped out of a squirrel’s backside.

Then he’ll strap on his rucksack, step out into the storm and make his way – North (that’s uphill to you and me) to the Duncansby Head lighthouse which is along the road from his B & B and the official starting point of this adventure.

Then, splashing through the puddles and hunched against the driving rain, he’ll head back the way he’s just come and begin the long journey south.

Now you may recall that the aforementioned Mr. Armstrong said something about, ‘a small step for a man,’ as if he’d just done something truly momentous. Personally I don’t think he’d entirely thought that through, after all he’d been sitting on his bum for the entire journey. Okay, now you could argue that it was a half million mile round trip without decent ‘facilities’ to put it delicately, but he did have a rocket up his backside. Steve on the other hand will be marching the length of this British Isle, and get this, on his own legs!IMG_0330

Nowhere near the seven and a half million pounds of thrust those idle astronauts had. Now I think you’ll agree that it’s impossible for Steve to generate anywhere near that amount of power, after all it’s surely not humanly possible to eat such a quantity of beans at one sitting. So I think I know whose the greater achievement will be, don’t you?

Here’s his first weeks itinerary.

18th May, first stop Wick.

19th. May Day 2 – Latheron

20th. May Day 3 – Helmsdale

21st. May Day 4 – Golspie

22nd. May Day 5 – Tain

23rd. May Day 6 – Evanton

24th. May Day 7 and at last somewhere I’ve heard of, albeit in a bawdy rugby song about 24 young ladies of righteous virtue – Inverness.

Get out there and cheer him on. 

And if you’re feeling charitable, here is the link to his just giving page in aid of those wonderful people from Macmillan Cancer Support.

‘Got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime, played it till my fingers bled, was the summer of…’

Oops, was that out loud? For some reason I can’t get the tune out of my head.

Can’t think why?

If you haven’t caught the previous posts regarding the Jogle, why not? Tsk! You’ll find them below.

Inaugural Jogle Blogle

Hello and welcome to the very first Jogle Blogle.

Yes, I know you don’t know what that is yet – but sit down, take the weight off and let me explain.

Yes, you at the back with your hand up, what is it?

You want a what? A cup of tea! Well make your own.

Honestly, some people!

And keep your thieving hands off my Victoria sponge, that’s my last slice.


For the rest of you, this is the Blogle.

In it I’ll be letting you all know how my brother, Steve Robertson, is getting on with his walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End, aka the Jogle.

Clever eh? Don’t you just love a good acronym?

That’s a distance of 874 miles if you take the shortest route by road.



Yes I know, I was just coming to that. It was pointed out rather early in the planning stage that Steve was taking the decidedly easier route. Let’s face it, as we all know, going from North to South is all downhill. You’ve only got to look at any globe for heavens sake!


So to make amends and rather than changing to the uphill route of South to North (he’d already booked the first hotel and foolishly paid a non-refundable deposit) my dear brother decided to throw in the three peaks, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales.

That’s upped the distance to around 1200 miles with some lumpy bits for good measure.

What’s that?

I take your point, although I don’t actually remember him being dropped on his head as a baby, but it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility.

He’s asked me to chronicle the journey seeing as how I’ve done a bit of writing in the past – he said, blowing on the fingernails of one hand and brushing them nonchalantly against his lapel.


So as I say, this is the first Jogle Blogle. There will be further posts as we head toward the start of this great adventure on the 18th of May and then daily updates with things like the route to be taken, miles to be covered, blister count from the previous days exertions, that sort of thing.


Oh you’re back are you? I see you didn’t make a brew for anyone else you miserable… Hang on, are those crumbs stuck in the stubble of your facial hair madam? If you’ve so much as looked at my sponge, so help me I’ll..!


Anyway, back to the Blogle. Did I mention that he’s doing this for charity?


Well of course I’m going to ask you to stick your hand in your pocket, he got me after all, so why should you lot be immune?

It’s for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Here’s the link to his just giving page. the shorter Bitly link


As well as allowing you to generously donate, in it Steve explains why he’s doing what he’s doing.

And I’ll let you know how he’s getting on in future editions of – the Jogle Blogle.

Trips off the tongue doesn’t it?

But for now you’ll have to excuse me. I’m just popping into the kitchen to check on something. And if there’s even a hint that my supper has been tampered with, you mark my words – there will be trouble.