Jogle Blogle – The Final Countdown

Jogle Blogle – The Final Countdown


The reporting of the final leg of the Jogle will be delayed due to the Blogler having to travel to Cornwall to witness the climax of this unique event. Until then – a message from mission control (fitting on this 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon that we should be celebrating another monumental achievement). But – and just for a change – in all seriousness:-

We’re coming to the end of my brother Steve’s Jogle from John O’Groats to Land’s End including a version of the 3 peaks challenge in which he scaled Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon on his way past. He also walked the challenging South West Coastal Path and along the way has ascended and descended inclines equivalent to scaling Everest (from sea level – not base camp) five times over. He has walked nearly 1,200 miles in the process – much of that time with a serious leg infection, suffered from an insect bite early in the trek, which caused him a great deal of pain. Blisters, bloodied toenails and corns also sought to sabotage this unique event which he undertook to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of our father, Keith.

At the time of writing that effort has raised £8,200 and his just giving page will remain open for the foreseeable future in an attempt to amass even more for that noble cause. If you would still care to donate the link is

For a good deal of the journey he has been joined by his wife Sue, who has threatened that he should never attempt anything like this again – unless she can do the whole thing with him. Sue has completed six hundred miles in her own right, an achievement which in all honesty also deserves our recognition and acclaim.


Also joining him at various key stages were his son Mike and daughter Rachael, as well as friends and family.

The walk which was three years in the planning and trained for extensively took a total of sixty five days, mostly off road using trails and paths along the length of Britain.

Excluding the six rest days, Steve has walked on average over twenty miles per day through rain and shine.

Staying along the way in an assortment of guest houses, AirBnB and budget hotels has meant a quite significant investment from Steve’s own pocket.

I have endeavoured to keep up with his walk by writing up his adventure in, ‘the Blogle,’ derived from his own account and photographs – for which I apologise now in taking quite so many liberties with the narrative. I do hope that in some small part you have enjoyed travelling along and thank you for your interactions during the journey.

I am sure that the Jogler would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have followed the story and those who have contributed so generously to the cause, including the key sponsors denoted on the official ‘Jogle’ shirt. 

Visual of Charity Tech T Shirt V2 240419

Most of all I would just like to state for the record how immensely proud I am of this man who I am honoured to call my brother. He has achieved something memorable which few of us would even contemplate, let alone attempt and for that he should justifiably be well pleased with his efforts.

Thank you Steve for allowing us along on your journey. I know that Dad will have travelled every mile and every step with you. I’m also sure that as you finally pass the signpost pointing the way to the furthest point north by road, he will be waiting in spirit and that he will clear his throat with that characteristic double cough of his, rise to his feet, applaud loudly and pay you the highest accolade he knew for what you have accomplished as he cries out prfor all to hear, ‘Well done that man!’




Jogle Blogle – Day 64

Jogle Blogle – Day 64

IMG_4794Contrary to expectations the penultimate Day 64 of the Jogle dawned bright and sunny. And even better, it stayed that way!

IMG_4792IMG_4795Leaving Portreath the Jogleress was tempted to go by Penny Farthing down to St. Ives. However they took the local lanes in an effort to save time as a rendezvous was planned later with the Jogleressette and Mini Jogler.


fullsizeoutput_8a5As the weather was much improved so was the quality of photos taken along the way.

Eventually they ended up on the good old South West Coastal Path, passing the lighthouse at Godrevy Beach and this chimney, surely the relic of an old tin mine.

fullsizeoutput_8a6They spent a pleasant hour wandering along the sands, pausing only to take silly photos. Sue must have snapped this as Steve was obviously playing the flute.


They spotted another fool in a flying tent, surely not the same guy who they saw entangled on Lord Hereford’s Knob (if you’ll pardon the expression).


Another national cycle route marker, I make that five now on the trip down from John O’Groats. At Hayle fortifications they spotted this stubby little cannon. Call that a cannon? We got proper cannons up here at Dudley Castle and to prove the point I shall be down to Land’s End tomorrow to replace St. Piran’s flag with a proper Black Country one.


See you Sunday bro.

There’s still time to contribute to Macmillan Cancer Support on Steve’s ‘just giving’ page at

In the meantime here are the all important stats.

Mileage: 14.5   Total: 1160.2

Steps: 38,035    Total: 2,387,140

Time taken: 4 hours 43 minutes and 32 seconds


Jogle Blogle – Day 8

WARNING: This Blogle is not for the faint of heart.

IMG_1667IMG_1671Yes my friends, this is where the Jogle starts to get tough, so fasten your seatbelts and make sure that you’re well strapped in for this immersive account of Day 8 of my brothers walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

As you may recall, Steve up until this point has mainly been puttering about down by the coast. Now however he and wife Sue, who joined him yesterday and will accompany him to Glasgow in case Bertie Blister invites any of his friends along (more of which later), are about to tack west along The Great Glen Way. And that means – going uphill.

IMG_1693A lot!

IMG_1706Yes, they’re now on the trail to the first of the three peaks in this charity event for Macmillan Cancer Support (visit the just giving page ) – Ben Nevis which, all being well, they’ll be climbing – ominously – on Day 13.


IMG_1682IMG_1695So as you sit there reading this rather marvellous account, even if I do modestly say so myself, imagine if you can getting into a lift (elevator for our American readers) and going up for nearly 1/4 mile. Yes on this leg of the journey they’ll be ascending to 1243 feet which is more or less the height of the roof of the Empire State Building- and yes, I do know the antenna on the top makes it a couple of hundred feet higher, but you try doing it after a stale granola bar and a cup of weak tea for brekkie! 

The Great Glen Way begins at Inverness Castle, so of course the intrepid pair had to pause for the obligatory photos.

IMG_1701The trail is now mainly off road, so from this point there will mainly be interesting scenic shots and something that we haven’t had before – now that he has a companion there are some pictures of the Jogler actually Jogling, so you can tell that this is not some figment of my imagination.

IMG_1705You probably can’t tell from these mobile phone images but it rained constantly almost from the time they set out.

The blue marker poles incidentally are finger posts pointing the way along the trail. Miss one and you could be lost for years, foraging to survive and living off mountain spring water and wild haggis.

IMG_1727Raging torrents had to be forded and all the time the path was up and up and up… Blimey, I think my ears just popped.

IMG_1718Today’s obligatory wildlife shot is of a Bullfinch, but who cares – I’m now so hot and sweaty just writing this and this incessant driving rain! Will it never end!?




IMG_1711IMG_1713Finally, signs of life! At the highest inhabited Croft in Scotland they found the Abriachan eco-campsite and cafe. Blimey, that’s a rare old slice of cake, isn’t it? And I don’t know who that is – but it looks like she’s about to swallow it whole! You might find out at


IMG_1742Our intrepid explorers are now just north of Loch Ness, so careful folks just in case you bump into… Too late!

At Nessieland – @nessielandinfo in Drumnadrochit, their final destination Sue bumped into the fabled monster. At least we now know why William Wallace painted his face blue before he cried, ‘Freedom!’ Or was that Mel Gibson, I’ve never been sure?



IMG_1745Time for a pint of the now familiar, Black Isle Blonde (cheers Jogler) before turning in for a well deserved rest.

Stats of the day are:- Mileage 20.1 so now a total of 150.03. They walked for 7 hours 23 minutes and 12 seconds to, as previously mentioned, an elevation of 1243 feet in 41,321 steps, a total of 293,777 steps so far. (The totals have now been corrected as the Blogger can’t do sums – thanks Andy Barr for pointing that out). Day 9 will see them heading out to Invermoriston, so make sure to rest well and tune into the next instalment Jogle Blogle.


Yes, yes, I know you’ve been dying to find out. Apparently parts of Bertie Blister have ‘sloughed’ off, whatever that means. I should imagine that the skin has ruptured and gallons of suppurating, festering pus have been deposited in the Joglers sock. You were what, sorry? Eating your tea? Well you shouldn’t have asked then, should you!