Jogle Blogle – Day 42

Jogle Blogle – Day 42

As you will by now undoubtedly know, a rescue mission has been launched to re-supply the Jogler with new footwear. But as the sun rose on Day 42 of Steve’s walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End we were all blissfully unaware of the drama which was to unfold on Day 43. In case you missed that see

IMG_3629The Jogler had overnighted at Cae Gwyn farm (thanks to Sue & David for contributing to Macmillan Cancer Support at ) in Mid Wales and things were already becoming a little strange. The Jogler was hallucinating thinking that the waste bin bore an uncanny resemblance to Darth Vadar. Why else would he take a photo. Perhaps at this point he would have been well advised to take a lie down in a darkened room. BUT WATCH OUT FOR THE MONSTER UNDER THE BED!



Anyway, eventually he set off, walking through Coed-Y-Brenin, so some nice shots to start. Also a fascinating insight into the region’s volcanic past, which means that the local area is rich in minerals such as copper, iron and even gold. In fact the local gold mine, although now disused, is still used to make rings for the Royal family.


He had a nice view of a river and wasn’t charged £2:50 to see it. I still can’t get over the fact that Swallow Falls charges these days! Well, I mean to say, can you – honestly! I may write a letter!





The day was very warm and so the Jogler stopped off in Dolgellau for a spot of lunch.

Wildlife of the day – ponies.

Strange wildlife sign of the day – beware of stampeding cattle. Blimey, I haven’t seen any stampeding cattle since John Wayne was a lad!

Out through a slate quarry, where they even used the stuff for fencing. Waste not, want not I suppose and through the tiny village of Aberllenni probably using the Roman road which ran from North to South Wales through this point. Sadly the local war memorial shows that even the smallest communities are not exempt from man’s inhumanity to man.

Finding himself in another Welsh region and leaving the Snowdonia National Park he carried on into his overnight stop at Machynlleth via the national cycle network which spans across Britain. This mile marker was commissioned by the Royal Bank of Scotland – one of 1000 – to commemorate the network being established in 1984. This trail (number 8) runs from Cardiff to Holyhead.

Stats for the day:

Mileage: 27.5    Total: 763.93

Steps: 49,856     Total: 1,548,778

Time Taken: 9 hours 8 minutes and 37 seconds


Jogle Blogle – Day 37

Jogle Blogle – Day 37


fullsizeoutput_80bDay 37 of our Blogle following the Jogle. The Jogler and Jogleress paused to look down on Denbigh where they had just spent the night and to the ruins of the castle and town walls which were commissioned by Edward I in 1282. That initial phase was completed some 25 years later.



IMG_3377IMG_3385With some great views across the surrounding countryside our intrepid pair came across this signpost helpfully pointing the way to Cornwall. (Incidentally – I think this tells us all we need to know about why the Welsh use so many ‘L’s in their language – they’ve been nicking them off Cornwall!) A great aid you would have thought on Steve’s walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End. But no! The Jogler ignored the directions. Is he mad? Can he not read? Has the Jogleress persuaded him to abandon his quest? Ah – here’s the reason – there’s another mountain to climb. Snowdon, the last of the three peaks on my brother’s charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support, lies in the far distance as the Jogleress by some magical trickery points out.


fullsizeoutput_80eAfter a dearth of wildlife of the day the Jogler seems to consider that this shot of some cows should suffice and get this, says that there was a Red Kite hovering above them! Yeah Steve, whatever!

At last, they reach the Snowdonia National Park. 


fullsizeoutput_80dAnd an info board about engineering – at last, something the Blogler can relate to – William Hazledine was known as ‘Merlin’ by Thomas Telford because of the wonders he could wrought with iron. His ironworks in Shrewsbury manufactured the beams and columns for the world’s first iron framed factory in 1796 and  he subsequently founded a foundry in Ruabon from where he supplied material for the Pontcycyllte aqueduct. Telford and Hazeldine worked together on some of the most iconic bridges at Menai, Conwy and this one here, the Pont Waterloo Bridge of which the Jogler notably forgot to take a picture. Tsk!

IMG_3392Finally down into Betws-y-coed, their stop for the night.

And the stats are as follows-

Mileage: 22.5      Total: 684.63

Steps: 47,434       Total: 1,388,206

Time taken: 8 hours 16 minutes 57 seconds

And if you’d like to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support, Steve’s just giving link is:



Jogle Blogle – Day 36

Jogle Blogle – Day 36

Before we start out on Day 36, all here at the Jogle Blogle would like to give a massive shout out to Mavis Paterson @MavisCycle who, in her own cycling Lejog, went from Land’s End to John O’Groats in an amazing 23 days for her 960 mile trip. At 81 she secured her place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest woman to achieve such a phenomenal feat! Like Steve she will also be donating her proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support. Well done Mavis – fantastic!

I promised you a more exciting day today didn’t and how’s this for starters – The Jogleress is back! No, I don’t know where she came from either, but I’d know that rucksack anywhere now, wouldn’t you? So leaving the glorious architecture and ancient history of Chester behind  oath the Jogler and his wife set off on another leg of their John O’Groats to Land’s End. The sun shone and at last the Jogler was able to show off his Jogle tee shirt. They passed another reminder of home (well Sue did anyway – she is a Brummie after all, although after 25 years with the Jogler I do reckon that she’s an honorary Black Country wench by now). Chester bade them a cheery goodbye as they went on they’re merry way out past the racecourse and river, finding themselves in Wales, where the Welsh live. Airbus, through Mop where they passed this plaque commemorating the digging up of some ancient Brit in 1831 and how all the stuff they found was nicked by the bloody English and put in the British Museum. Down into the countryside where they came upon Offa’s Dyke in all its glory. Built around 1250 years ago the dyke is an earthwork consisting of a ditch with the spoil from that excavation piled onto the Mercian side and roughly marks out the border between England and Wales. And the king of Mercia during its construction? Some bloke called Offa, obviously. I’ve told you before we’re better than the Open University we are.

The aptly named Castle View B & B in Denbigh was to be their digs for the night in the appropriately named Dudley room.

Steve’s just giving link is

Stats for the day.

Miles: 27.5

Steps: 54581

Time taken: 10 hours 10 minutes and 31 seconds 

Jogle Blogle – Day 26

Jogle Blogle – Day 26

Okay then, I’d like you to imagine the scenario. 

IMG_2912IMG_2917You’re walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End and for most of the journey so far the weather ain’t been good. (Let’s face it, we’ve all been moaning ‘cos it’s been raining for a few days – visualise that repeated over and over, even with all your wet weather gear.) Even if it’s not actually wet, it’s certainly moody as hell.

Also, you started out, not in a good place, with a blister which persistently hung around for the first week. 

You’ve only done one of the three peaks (Ben Nevis) that you’ve pledged to do on the way south. The second (Scafell Pike) is taunting you in the near distance and the third (Snowden) is a couple of weeks away.

You’re taking pain killers for the constant ache in your legs and at this point you realise that you have only done just over one third of this charity walk.

This is how Steve’s feeling right now, so let’s collectively send the Jogler some good vibes – he’s doing a fantastic job which very few of us would even contemplate, let alone attempt.

Let’s take a look at what he’s achieved so far. 

IMG_2926He’s just about to cross the border from Scotland to England and for any normal JOGLE walk that would be almost half way. Because of the three peak challenge he has set himself however the nearly 1200 mile trip is nowhere near that.

The number of steps that he has taken so far is racing toward the one million mark.

And perhaps most importantly of all he has so far raised nearly £7000 of the minimum of £10000 Steve has set as his target for Macmillan Cancer Support.










Day 26 was another long trek from Kirtlebridge to Newby Cross. Thanks to Alison and Frazer at The Village Inn – a great place to stay. The Jogler finally left the Sustrans Route which he has followed since leaving Glasgow and hiked alongside the Solway Firth where he narrowly missed being hit by a tree which was blown over seconds after he had passed beneath it.










Down through Gretna Green, the last house in Scotland and finally to the border. Home sweet home – if only!



Here are some shots of the first of many towns and cities still to go – Carlisle cathedral and castle and of course – the Jaffa Cake factory.

Stats of the day:

Miles: 22.0                             Total: 442.53

Steps: 43,138                         Total: 905,820

Time taken: 7 hours 30 minutes and 12 seconds



As you know that the Jogle is at the moment two days in front of the Blogle (hopefully we’ll get back to only a day behind this weekend) but news has just reached the Blogler that Steve, after a couple of hours in Keswick A & E has an infection in his leg, hence the pain. Having been given enough drugs to fell an elephant however, he is carrying on regardless and at the risk of giving out a Blogle spoiler will attempt Scafell Pike on Saturday.

If you’d like to send a message of support to the man I’m proud to call my brother then leave them on whichever social media platform you find the Blogle, WordPress, Facebook or Twitter and I’ll make sure that they’re passed on to Steve (who perhaps sensibly is not on social media at all.) You can also message him directly via his just giving page at

A big shout out and thank you to everyone who has supported and/ or donated so far from the Jogler.


Jogle Blogle – Day 25

Jogle Blogle – Day 25




Steve left the wee cottages of Moffat behind on Day 25 of his hike from John O’Groats to Land’s End, strolling down the highways and byways alongside the M74. 




Wildlife shot of the day was this small Wallaby sitting in very long grass, or was it a large hare in slightly shorter grass? We may never know.


IMG_2853IMG_2820Travelling in such close proximity to the railway, Steve has become a keen train spotter. This one is probably the 4:20 Virgin to Inverness. And the roads continue to be long and straight. I blame the Romans meself.





IMG_2846Stopping only for a caramel wafer made by local company, @TunnockOfficial  the Jogler continued south. Through Lockerbie where he stopped only for lunch and Ecclefechan where he stopped only to take a photo of this sign. 

IMG_2892As you no doubt already know, Ecclefechan was the birthplace of famous Scot, Thomas Carlyle. What’s that? No, not the bloke who took all his clothes of in The Full Monty, I think you’ll find that was Robert Carlyle. Honestly you lot, minds like sewers! And who keeps sniggering every time I mention Ecclefechan? Anyway, as I was saying Thomas was born in 1771 and went on to be a famous philosopher, satirist, historian, essayist among other things. This is where you get to learn about culture folks. You can even pop into his old house for the princely sum of four quid to see where he hung his kilt.



The aptly named Burntfoot Hall Retirement Village sounded tempting, but our Jogler manfully carried on past.


The Jogler stopped for the night in Kirtlebridge, but not before he got his first long distance view of the Lake District on the horizon. Break out the bunting, poach some eggs, he’ll be back in Blighty in time for tea tomorrow.


After another long, long day on the road, the stats were as follows.

Mileage: 25.5       Total: 420.53

Steps: 51,253                    Total:  862,682

Duration: 7 hours 54 minutes 25 seconds


To see what’s inspired this mad charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support,  visit his just giving page at

And join us for a momentous day tomorrow as the Jogler crosses the border – although rumour has it that moral is low on The Jogle as the weather and niggling injury take their toll.

Keep going Steve – we’re all behind you – all the way! You’re doing a fantastic job!

Jogle Blogle – Day 24

Jogle Blogle – Day 24

IMG_2761Day 24 of the Jogle and not too much to report today, dear Blogle reader. Steve left Abingdon services behind, along with his breakfast roll which is presumably still languishing by the till at Starbucks. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget where he’s going. It’s south bro, to Land’s End, remember?


No rain for a change as he passed over the Clyde again, alongside the road and rail following the valley into Dumfries and Galloway – his last Scottish county of this little adventure. The sign lies!



Wildlife of the day was a moody, low resolution, ram. I know, it is disappointing isn’t it, but we did have three wildlife pics yesterday I suppose.


IMG_2769IMG_2799Hang on, what’s this? Yes, now I know the Jogler has cracked. He’s reporting that he is ‘blasting’ along the country lanes. Blasting? For heavens sake, it almost sounds as though he’s enjoying himself!

IMG_2809He hurtled into his overnight stop at Moffat, which has been designated as a ‘dark sky town.’ Apparently this means that special street lighting has been introduced to preserve the starry skies during the hours of darkness. The place to best enjoy the view is said to be at a public car park about a mile out of town according to @GoStargazing so that’s alright then. I’d suggest that if you bump into someone with binoculars on your local beauty spot car park in the middle of the night you could perhaps go up to them and say, ‘I know what you’re doing.’


The days stats were:

Miles: 19.1      Total: 395.03

Steps: 36,363  Total: 811,429

Time taken: 5 hours 43 minutes and 55 seconds

If you’d like to donate to his just giving page, the link is:


Jogle Blogle – Day 23

Jogle Blogle – Day 23

Day 23 Our Jogler leaves Strathaven in a slightly more upbeat frame of mind. Little did he know how tedious the day would be. But worry not dear reader, on our journey with my brother Steve down to Land’s End from you know where up north, I shall try to spice up the account as much as possible. Starting with a two wildlife pictures of the day – how exciting is that!?

IMG_2686IMG_2690Firstly – a cow trying unsuccessfully to hide. O.k., then – not very exciting. Secondly – Oh, this is much more like it – a bird native to South America. Yes Rheally! Nothing like a good pun is there? Yes, I know the answer to that thank-you very much! I wonder if it’s name is Chris? Ha! Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s an American or greater Rhea, or could it be a Darwin’s or Lesser Rhea? Answers on a postcard please.

IMG_2698IMG_2716IMG_2717Now then, I’m not sure why the Jogler thought that tedium was the best word to describe his latest jaunt, I mean look at these! The Scots love their wind farms and here are designs of all shapes and sizes to keep an avid wind turbine spotter going for years. Perhaps I should write a book explaining the great diversity? I could call it ‘Mega or What?’ IMG_2738IMG_2747











I think though he was referring to the endlessly boring long straight roads, pathways and cycle routes he took on his way down to Abingdon. In fact I can feel myself… oh sorry, nearly nodded off there.

IMG_2725IMG_2741At last though something to gladden the heart of even the most downtrodden Jogler. A sign on the M74 – ‘The South.’ Surely it’s only a question of time before something exciting happens and yes, here it is, an unprecedented third wildlife pic of the day. A curlew. Squint a bit, you’ll spot it. And this! A castle on the M74 which is actually a services. Eat your heart out, Watford Gap!IMG_2754IMG_2718

IMG_2755Eventually he staggered exhausted to his final destination, the motorway services at Abingdon for his overnight stop. No castle here unfortunately. He ignored the chance to avail himself of the walking aid charitably discarded by someone who had obviously been miraculously cured. 

If you’d like to contribute to Steve’s charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, here is the link.

Stats for the day for those who are even remotely interested are:

Mileage: 23.3       Total: 375.93

Steps: 46,122        Total: 775,066

Time taken: 7 hours 1 minute and 54 seconds