Jogle Blogle – Day 60

Jogle Blogle – Day 60

Day 60 was to be the hottest day of the trip from John O’Groats to Land’s End so far. It began and continued under virtually cloudless blue skies. The Jogler being sensible wore his hat in tribute to Crocodile Dundee and could, had he been there, have put the Outback in the shade all on his own. The Jogleress on the other hand went au naturelle in the headgear department, but more of that later.

Setting out from their day of rest at Bude they were heading south to Tintagel, so even more coastal shots for the Blogle today.

Wildlife of the day is supposed to be this Bass. Yes really! It’s there, right slap bang in the picture. Yes, I’ll grant you that on this 50th anniversary of the lunar landing it does rather look like a snap of the Moon’s surface from a dodgy ‘60’s camera, but I swear it is there! Squint then. Still can’t see it? Squint harder. Look I don’t take the pictures, I just publish them. Oh, have it your way – here are some cows. Again, yes!

More of the South West Coastal Path, this time into Cleave.


IMG_4581A rare shot of the Jogler and Jogleress together taken by a very nice Swiss lady. Must have been Heidi – perhaps the cows were hers? Or was that goats? Anyway – it does demonstrate very well the choice of headgear prior to…


…disaster. The Jogleress begins prancing around. Obviously too much Sun. There is only one solution. Ever the gentleman, Steve removes his Y-fronts to protect his wife’s head. I know – eeew!!!

Into Tintagel, a day too late for the Male voice choir which would have upset Dad greatly.

Fortunately no one noticed Sue’s unusual headgear as they were too busy renaming everything after King Arthur. In an attempt to evade notice they stopped the night (or should that be knight? Ha!) in the King Arthur’s Arms.

If you’d like to donate to Steve’s chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, here is the link to his ‘just giving’ page

Stats of the day:

Mileage: 21.0   Total: 1088.1

Steps: 50,580    Total: 2,225,817

Time taken: 9 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds



Jogle Blogle – Day 52

Jogle Blogle – Day 52

IMG_4144IMG_4156Already fed up with walking alongside busy roads, the Jogler and Jogleress are off to find the coastal path for a bit of peace and quiet and some scenic views – if you’re a giraffe.



This is Day 52 of my brother’s walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End and the end is definitely getting closer as they leave their overnight digs at a pub in Cannington bound for a similar establishment in Minehead. I think I see a pattern developing here.

Anyway, if you’d like to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support, Steve’s ‘just giving’ link is  I promise that none of it is spent in the pub!


Elvis may be alive and kicking and working in a chip shop, but did you know that one of our greatest authors was also still around and runs an estate agents on the South West coast? No – me neither! But you can’t argue with incontrovertible evidence like this, can you?



The dynamic pair stopped for lunch at Kilve where the Jogleress aired another pair of her own – her sweaty socks – on the arm of this seat. Eeeew! Pity the person who sat there next, there surely must have been what can only politely be described as, ‘residue.’




Then to the coastal path. Now Steve is trying to tell me that the picture is evidence of, ‘a wave cut platform,’ possibly to prove that he was once able to stay awake during a geography lesson in school.


Down into Watchet, where they stop once more for a cuppa (told you yesterday that they were enjoying themselves too much. They should be suffering for charity for heavens sake!)





On to Minehead for their next stop, passing the gates to Stalag Luft Butlitz on the way. And also the start of their journey for tomorrow and beyond – a nice sculpture marking the beginning of the South West Coastal Path.


Stats for the day were:

Miles: 23.9

Steps 47,024

Time taken: 8 hours, 22 minutes, 58 seconds

Yesterday I promised you the return of the totals. I lied. Bad Blogler! Bad, bad Blogler!


Jogle Blogle – Day 44

Jogle Blogle – Day 44

Day 44. The day of the distress call. The Jogler was in desperate need of being re-shod and a mission was about to launched from the Black Country to locate and repair him.

In the meantime however he had to continue his walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End on defective footwear with only the Jogleress to lean on. Perhaps that’s the reason that during this phase of his charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support that Steve, perhaps seeking divine intervention, chose this day to to photograph every chapel he came across.

And so distracted was he that apart from a couple of shots of Red Kites and another packet of Welsh cakes very little communication was received. 





Even the cafe mocked him as the pair hobbled past.






The Bllogller and Bllogllers wiffe in ffullll Wellsh steallth mode in their Lland Rover set out to track them both down.  

For the purpose of this dispatch we will dispense with the Welsh code book and continue with the scribblings of this Black Country scribe.

Initial reports led the rescue mission initially to Aberystwyth. The Blogler released the hounds, Blue and Milly, but no scent was picked up along the sea front. To settle the dogs back to search mode a picnic had to be consumed as well as an ice cream apiece by the Blogler and Blogler’s Wife.

At this point the Blogler had no idea that he was in such close proximity to Helen and her own famous home made Welsh cakes, otherwise there may have been a detour and a whole different outcome to the afternoon.

After stopping only to dunk Blue in the sea the mission was resumed. Intelligence had it that the pair were indeed in Mid-Wales and so this was quite obviously ignored.

Astoundingly the intelligence proved to be correct and the errant pair  were eventually tracked down to a 16th century drinking establishment in Llandrindod Wells.

The Jogler looked a sorry sight, shovelling forkfuls of pie and chips into himself in an effort to disguise the fact that his boots had so catastrophically failed. 

In a speech which sought to inspire the Jogler to greater heights, the Blogler said emphatically, ‘Here you are then,’ as he handed over the especially commissioned pair of finest quality Black Country footwear, see  for details of their construction.

The Jogleress was so overcome with emotion at seeing such craftsmanship that she – despite technically being a Brummie and only a honorary Black Country wench – begged to be taken back to the land of the scratching as she was so desperately homesick.

IMG_3806Reluctantly the Jogler agreed and so the Bllogller, the Bllogller’s Wiffe, Milllly, Bllue and the Jogleress set course for God’s Country, with the Blogler nonchalantly leaning an arm on the drivers door whilst looking incredibly smug at a mission accomplished and left the Jogler to contemplate on the days stats which were:

Mileage: 20.7

Steps: 42,611

Time taken: 7 hours 2 minutes and 4 seconds.

Please note: the totals will catch up just as soon as the Blogger can be persuaded to do sums.

Jogle Blogle – Day 39 & Day 40

Jogle Blogle – Day 39 & Day 40

Day 39 dawned wet and rainy again as the Jogler and Jogleress prepared to tackle the third mountain on this, my brother Steve’s walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End and 3 peaks challenge.








But hold on, what’s this? The Mini-Jogler has turned up for moral support and bought with him a seemingly random bunch of blokes. There’s Ian, Matt A, Matt W, Mark, Rob and last but not least – last seen working in a chip shop – Aaron. Incidentally – see if you can guess which one has the selfie stick? That’s right – Bruce Willis.

Now as you know dear reader I have not shirked in my dedication to the Blogle but if you think that I’m going to write, the Jogler, the Jogleress, the Mini-Jogler, Ian, Matt A, Matt W, Mark, Rob and Aaron from the chip shop, every five minutes – just to get the word count up, then you’re very much mistaken. In light of the fact that my brother still hasn’t heeded my advice that when he reaches the peak of a mountain he should carry on in the same direction but instead turns around and comes down the way he went up, I have a plan. We’ll call Ian, Matt A, Matt W, Mark, Rob and that well known Elvis impersonator Aaron, collectively – Two Direction.


IMG_3471So they set off in the direction of Snowdon with Two Direction in tow. The weather brightened. Hooray! Then it got worse again. Boo! Which meant that at the summit, as has been the case on all of the peaks, there wasn’t much of a view. So we only have the obligatory shirt waving selfie. The occasion was marked, fittingly by Mark, with a celebratory bottle of Bathams.




And so to the descent where they encountered wildlife of the day – a mountain sheep.







And then – I’m afraid that then the inevitable happened. After one final selfie in slightly better weather, Two Direction split! Yes, Aaron (after a successful solo career) and Rob probably dissatisfied with the direction that Two Direction we’re going decided that they would be better off as a duo and legged it. Isn’t it always the way?


Ian, Matt A, Matt W and Mark decided to keep the group name as they posed for one last photo at the start of the Rhyd Ddu path (although it was their end) as a reminder of their day of glory before they too melted away into obscurity – well, after a quick pint anyway.


The Jogleress and Mini-Jogler bade Steve a hearty farewell, leaving him to Jogle alone back along the valley to Beddgelert, as the skies brightened, and to his digs for the night, looking forward to a well earned rest on Day 40.

Well done bro – it’s all downhill from here. 

If you’d like to find out Steve’s reasons for doing this and perhaps donate to his chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, then visit his just giving page at

Stats of the day were:-

Mileage: 14.4   Total: 717.13

Steps: 35,334   Total: 1,460,438

Time taken: 8 hours 7 minutes and 8 seconds – but I’m guessing that some of that was in the pub! 


Footnote: Once she got back to civilisation, the Jogleress posted a picture of the group at the summit of Snowdon on Facebook (other social media platforms are available). Facebook’s facial recognition program tagged me, the Blogler, as being there. When I looked, the little white square thingy indicating that FB thought it was me, was actually around the fizzog* of the Jogler. Now I’m not denying that the Jogler is an exceedingly handsome chap, but this can only mean one of two things. Firstly, that Facebook assumes that I am seven years younger than I actually am or secondly, it thinks that Steve is seven years older – well he did have a hard paper round! 

*The Jogle Blogle accepts no responsibility for any Black Country terms which may accidentally have been used.

Jogle Blogle – Interim Report

Jogle Blogle – Interim Report

And so it came to pass, dear Jogle Blogle reader, that for the first time during his walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End the Jogler has failed to submit his account of his journey during Day 33. Somewhat ironically it also happened to be the halfway point of Steve’s charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support , but the message received here at Blogle HQ last night was,

‘I’m exhausted and only have the energy to sip gently at my Horlicks before I fall unconscious into bed. I may be some time.’

Rather reminiscent of Titus Oates and Scott’s fateful Antarctic mission, I thought.

Now at this point I dare say that I could make something up, a fabricated report of how the brave Jogler has strained every fibre of his being in an effort to get from Lancaster to Preston. But no! I know that you only expect the most honest of accounts and it behoves me to adhere to the most strict of disciplines.

Make something up!?


As if!

So we’ve got to wait I’m afraid until he can be arsed to get in touch again.

In the meantime, I was followed today on my Twitter account (other social media platforms are available) by @JogleMr who is about to start training for his own Jogle next year. He will be starting in April and cycling and wild camping the length of Britain.

Good luck with that sir.

He is currently seeking a worthwhile charity to support, so if you have any suggestions please contact him and let him know. If you don’t have a Twitter account then let me know here at Blogle HQ and I’ll forward your comments on.

I wonder if he wants a diarist for his adventure? I could turn professional. Blogler to the Joglers – or even Lejogs, it might be nice to go the other way for a change – stop sniggering at the back, I don’t know what you thought I was inferring!

I might get an award – The Queens Award for British Blogling. Liz and Phil would ask me round to their place for tea and cakes.

They might even make a film of the Blogle, Jason Mamoa would take my part obviously, we have a similar physique.

What’s that? ‘Who would play Steve?’ Hmm! Difficult that, now that Norman Wisdom is no longer with us.

But whatever, it’ll be huge. I wonder how much they pay for film rights these days? Perhaps I should get an agent. It could win an Emmy, or an Oscar, or a Brit award, or I could lie about my ethnicity and get a MOBO. They could make me president of the good ol’ US of A – they voted Reagan in after all.

Excuse me, I’ve got to go – acceptance speeches to write and all that.

If my brother gets in touch, tell him I may be some time.

Jogle Blogle – Day 25

Jogle Blogle – Day 25




Steve left the wee cottages of Moffat behind on Day 25 of his hike from John O’Groats to Land’s End, strolling down the highways and byways alongside the M74. 




Wildlife shot of the day was this small Wallaby sitting in very long grass, or was it a large hare in slightly shorter grass? We may never know.


IMG_2853IMG_2820Travelling in such close proximity to the railway, Steve has become a keen train spotter. This one is probably the 4:20 Virgin to Inverness. And the roads continue to be long and straight. I blame the Romans meself.





IMG_2846Stopping only for a caramel wafer made by local company, @TunnockOfficial  the Jogler continued south. Through Lockerbie where he stopped only for lunch and Ecclefechan where he stopped only to take a photo of this sign. 

IMG_2892As you no doubt already know, Ecclefechan was the birthplace of famous Scot, Thomas Carlyle. What’s that? No, not the bloke who took all his clothes of in The Full Monty, I think you’ll find that was Robert Carlyle. Honestly you lot, minds like sewers! And who keeps sniggering every time I mention Ecclefechan? Anyway, as I was saying Thomas was born in 1771 and went on to be a famous philosopher, satirist, historian, essayist among other things. This is where you get to learn about culture folks. You can even pop into his old house for the princely sum of four quid to see where he hung his kilt.



The aptly named Burntfoot Hall Retirement Village sounded tempting, but our Jogler manfully carried on past.


The Jogler stopped for the night in Kirtlebridge, but not before he got his first long distance view of the Lake District on the horizon. Break out the bunting, poach some eggs, he’ll be back in Blighty in time for tea tomorrow.


After another long, long day on the road, the stats were as follows.

Mileage: 25.5       Total: 420.53

Steps: 51,253                    Total:  862,682

Duration: 7 hours 54 minutes 25 seconds


To see what’s inspired this mad charity walk for Macmillan Cancer Support,  visit his just giving page at

And join us for a momentous day tomorrow as the Jogler crosses the border – although rumour has it that moral is low on The Jogle as the weather and niggling injury take their toll.

Keep going Steve – we’re all behind you – all the way! You’re doing a fantastic job!

Thank you all (Jogle Blogle +10)

So here we nearly are. Only ten short days before my brother, Steve sets out on his stroll along the length of the country from John O’Groats to Land’s End via the three peaks. He will as previously mentioned be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support via his Just Giving Page at – so please take a look and contribute to that good cause if you feel able.

Start date will be Saturday the 18th May, so look out for updates from Sunday (I’ll be a day behind reporting his progress because of dodgy mobile signals, time zones, jet lag, the rotation of the Earth, or something like that).

In the meantime there are a number of people/ establishments that he would like to thank for their help during this planning and training phase of the JOGLE.

In no particular order these are, My Two Feet – chiropodist and podiatrists in Wollaston, Stourbridge. Let’s face it, if he were doing this by car then he would at least blow the tyres up, so taking care of his feet seems like a pretty sensible idea.

Similarly he asked me to mention Wollaston Chiropractic Clinic and Romsley Physiotherapy – he’s obviously had some work done on his chassis.

Then we come to the fuelling stations – Archie’s Attic in Enville a local tea shop supplying bostin’ granola slices, so I’m told. The Plough Inn, Kinver for cobs and Bathams – a local ale for those of you not in the know. 

The Copper Beech House B & B in Malvern deserves a shout out for and Steve and Kathy’s hospitality there, during what has been optimistically described as ‘high altitude training.’

Finally, continuing the motoring the analogy, thanks to Ian Woolley at Badger Rugby for buffing up his bodywork with this rather excellent shirt. (Actually I Hope Steve has more than one, otherwise it’s going to be a bit ripe by the time he gets down south, isn’t it?)

Visual of Charity Tech T Shirt V2 240419

Apologies by the way to anyone we’ve missed.

I’ll submit a Blogle on the day Steve sets out to remind you of his route through Scotland, so if anyone wants to pop out and see exactly what a madman looks like, you’ll know exactly when and where to look. Just so you know, Day One will be from John O’Groats to Wick.

 In the meantime I’m off to put my feet up, all this writing of walking is wearing me out!