The night I nearly met Jimmy Carr…

First up we’d like to say thanks very much regarding your kind thoughts and words regarding Misty and her recent diabetic problems. She’s well on the way to recovery, in fact the worry now is to keep her calmed down enough so that she doesn’t hurt herself in her rediscovered enthusiasm.

So, I thought that I’d better let you know what’s been going on. With Saturday out of the way – we had cancelled our trip to Manchester to see Australian Pink Floyd to look after madam following her op, we decided on Sunday to go ahead and travel up to see Musical Box – a Genesis tribute band covering the days before the music died and Peter Gabriel still played with them.

Janet & Roy agreed to look after the rapidly improving invalid – thanks neighbours – and so we dashed off to the station.

Little brother Steve and sister in law Sue were already there as the weekend had been planned as a celebration of her mmpty mmph birthday. Yes, they did get to see the Aussie’s show the night before. I’m not jealous!

Also as a wedding present to me and the bride they’d booked us in to the 5 star Lowry Hotel, you know the sort of thing, Lamborghini’s in the car park, Jose Morhinio camped out upstairs somewhere and drinks so expensive that any water you add to them comes from your eyes!

Anyway, on the way to see the concert just as we’re leaving the hotel – bro & sis are waiting for us outside as we make our way down the steps – I was vaguely aware of some bloke coming up in the opposite direction with his mobile stuck to his ear.

Bro is waving frantically.
I turn.
Bloke passes me.
I get an excellent view of his back.

‘What?’ I ask when I complete my descent.
‘Did you see him?’ was the answer.
‘Jimmy Carr!’
‘Jimmy who?’
‘Jimmy Carr – the comedian!’
‘What, him out of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown?’
‘No. Where is he?’
Exasperation is now setting in. ‘You just passed him on the steps!’
As I looked round Jimmy Carr’s back disappeared through the door.

‘Are you sure?’

They were pretty much definitely sure that it may have been Jimmy Carr.


img_3524The concert was very good. Here’s a picture of the bloke sat in front of Steve. He also liked to nod his head in time to the music.

Deep joy!

Glad I only got the woman with the massive ponytail!

Incidentally – how do you know you’re at a Genesis tribute concert?

Answer, when the queue for the gents is longer than the one for the ladies and you all seem to have the same prostate problem.

But I digress –¬†am I disappointed not to have stopped and spoken to the bloke who may or may not have been Jimmy Carr?

To be honest, not really – after all, imagine my embarrassment if he hadn’t actually wanted my autograph!