Eyes down, look in – here we go again. You know what, the best thing about writing a Blogle is that you don’t necessarily have to Jogle and that’s the thing I find most enjoyable. Brother Steve is off traipsing around the country in all bloody weather and all I have to do is lie here, typing on my iPad. Well not all I do obviously, sometimes I get up and make a cup of coffee, or have a wee – that sort of thing.


IMG_3184IMG_3187Anyway, what day are we on? Oh, that’s right, Day 32 of this Jogle from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Steve stayed overnight at an Airbnb in Kendal and would like to give a shout out to Jo and Ian who fed and looked after him and then sent him on his way along the Lancaster Canal. Except it isn’t. Not anymore anyway. It’s been filled in and is now a walkway. Where once there were narrow boats there is now a Jogler, Jogling for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity (See Steve’s link at )

IMG_3193IMG_3194Passing by High and Lower Haverflatts both at the same time and not feeling the urge to use the facilities offered by the bushes, my brother carried on through the villages of this green and pleasant land.





And then he came to the tea room at Carnforth Station. Does that ring a bell? I thought it did, yes! That’s where they filmed ‘Brief Encounter,’ back in 1945. Shall we? Oh go on! I’ll be Trevor Howard, you can be Celia Johnson. That’s it, I’ll go and sit over there with the Bakewell Tarts and you pretend that you just walked in – don’t forget, best Queens English. O.k. You can start – cue entrance, lights, action, camera…

‘Oh, you’re here, my dear sweet unrequited love, I wondered if you’d wait!’

‘Yes, I waited as long as I dared, but now I must leave my darling, my train is coming through the tunnel.’

‘Oh how I love your use of suggestive metaphors. Must you go?’

‘I must.’

‘Oh please don’t.’

‘I jolly well must, I’m going to Johannesburg on the 3:30 from Crouch End in case we should accidentally stumble over this delicious tearoom crumpet and have an affair.’

‘Very well. But I only wanted to share my muffin with you!’

‘I know, I know and your muffin looks so moist and lovely, but go I must. Goodbye.’


Cut to steam train pulling into station clouds of steam hanging in the air, a long melancholy blast on the steam whistle and pan back to the tea room.

Stare lovingly at the door as it closes, aaaaand – that’s a wrap.

Blimey – Oscar winning stuff indeed! Eat your heart out David Lean. Well done you! That was an epic performance I must say. Oh, just there at the corner of your mouth – a tiny bit of muffin.


Oh hang on. While we were doing that the Jogler’s wandered off again. Oh, that’s why, he’s found a teeny bit of home, it’s a wonder he didn’t drape his Black Country flag over it.




fullsizeoutput_7fdfullsizeoutput_800Some deer! Wildlife of the day. That’s more like it bro.

And although he didn’t see any rabbits I doubt that they’d have closed the gate anyway – I don’t think rabbits can read.



Finally back down to the canal again, this time full of water. They’ve either renovated it or it rained while we were filming in the tea room.



IMG_3234As he wandered into Lancaster he passed The Sugarhouse which has fallen into disrepair since the Jogleressette finished drinking here in her university days, no doubt they’ll unveil a blue plaque once renovations are complete saying something like, RACHAEL ROBERTSON DRANK HERE.

MILEAGE TODAY: 23.0   TOTAL: 545.33

STEPS TODAY: 44,859  TOTAL: 1,119,459

DURATION: 7 hours 45 minutes 46 seconds

Join us tomorrow as we pass the halfway point of the Jogle Blogle with a special guest appearance. No, I don’t know who it is, he won’t tell me! 


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