Come on then you lot, up and at ‘em. Only five days to go.

What’s that? You can’t because you’ve got a hurty what? Oh really? Well never mind, rub some cream on it, you’re holding the rest of us up. Pardon? You can’t because of what? Look stop being a baby. You don’t hear the Jogler moaning do you? And he’s actually walking, you’re only reading about it let’s face it, so get your skates on. Well I’ve no doubt it is chafing, but honestly it’s not that far to go now. That’s the spirit. Did I tell you that I’ve had nipple rash since day 33? Itches like hell, but you don’t hear me complain do you? O.k? Well catch up in a minute or two, I can’t keep everyone else hanging about can I?

Hi folks, sorry about the little contretemps there, but welcome to Day 61 of this guided tour from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

Setting out from Tintagel the Jogler and Jogleress passed by the graveyard and a warning that poisonous snakes may see you added to the congregation. Incidentally, talking of venomous wriggly things and religion, did you know that two creatures were left on the ark after The Flood? Yes, really. When Noah asked them why they hadn’t disembarked they replied, ‘we can’t. You told us to go out and multiply, but we’re Adders.’ I know, I know, the old ones are the best!


A first Poldark reference. I’m reliably informed that Sue is disappointed not to have seen any bare chested Cornishmen yet.





fullsizeoutput_892In Port Issac they came across the traditional Cornish pastime of community ironing – on the beach.





At the Lazy Days Cafe the owners generously gave the pair a free meal to support the cause. Steve will add the money saved to his ‘just giving’ page in support of Macmillan Cancer Support at

Incidentally, that fund has just crept over the £8000 mark. Don’t forget that Steve was aiming for £10k and there’s not long to get your donations in now folks if you would care to contribute.



It was a 2 minute chug across the river mouth to their overnight stop in Padstow.

Out for a drink in the evening and a look into an establishment owned by a certain Mr Stein. Pardon? No, not Frank N – the other one, @Rick_Stein 

As we’re coming close to the end of my brother’s charity walk, in an effort to allow the Blogle to catch up with the Jogle this is the first of two posts today, so keep an eye out folks, there will be another along very shortly.

Stats of the day-

Mileage: 18.6    Total: 1106.7

Steps: 37,205     Total: 2,263,022

Time taken: 6 hours 30 minutes and 13 seconds


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