Jogle Blogle – day 3

IMG_1426Here we go, eyes down look in, Day 3 of the Jogle. Firstly an apology from Mission Control, the Blogle omitted to mention the mileage yesterday. So, Day 2 was a distance of 18 miles, giving a total of 40 miles.

Firstly as you’re all on the edge of your seats today’s blister report. No better, no worse is the news from the Jogler as he makes his way from John O’Groats down to Land’s End, but it must be playing on his mind as he’s admitted to singing, ‘The Blister Exists,’ by Slipknot (no, I’ve never heard of it either), but toward the end of this leg that tune was replaced by, ‘Singing In The Rain,’ which tells you quite a lot.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s go back to his departure from Latheronwheel. Obviously shell shocked from the previous days walk, my brother bought and paid £5 for a packed lunch. The Blends guesthouse duly provided the no doubt delicious meal which Steve forgot to take with him. On the upside the money he paid has been donated to his chosen charity for this walk which is Macmillan Cancer Support at so fair play to the good folks at The Blends.

Then, to add insult to injury he forgot to leave his room key and had to leave it for collection at the local Spar shop, a couple of miles down the road. Hope you got it back o.k. guys! Not the most auspicious start to the day then!

IMG_1441IMG_1425The walk was a touch more scenic than the previous days – there were bends in the road for a start. Around one such corner he came upon the River Bothy Tea Room as recommended by those wonderful folk at The Blends. Now have you heard the one about the Irishwoman, the Irishwoman who lives in Australia and the Irishwoman who lives in Australia’s, Australian daughter. No, neither had I but that’s who the Jogler shared a table with in the packed establishment as he finally got his lunch (highly recommended by the way).

Some time later he passed by the Badbea historic clearance village and from there crossed the border from Caithness to Sutherland.

IMG_1454At some point the road changed from lovely fresh tarmac to a rougher, more uneven surface, which plays havoc with blisters apparently. The cloud closed in and the closing miles to Helmsdale were wet and miserable. 

No wonder Steve headed for the pub as soon as he’d dried out.

IMG_1462Day 3 stats are as follows,

Mileage 17.93 giving a total of 57.93 (better not leave that out, eh. It’s the Blogling equivalent of forgetting your packed lunch and room key).

Steps 35,262 so grand total to date of 108,788

It looks like he managed to rise slightly earlier today and set out along the A9 at 09:19:27 BST and finished some 5 hours and 39 minutes later (give or take a few seconds).

Steve went a bit higher today and reached a maximum elevation of 753 feet, which explains why his head was in the clouds then.

We’ll catch up with him tomorrow on his continuing journey as he heads toward Golspie.


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